Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My obsession: TUTU'S

Okay, I have made many tutu's before, but lately that's all I want to do.  My girls love to dance and twirl and I'm so sad they are growing too fast and aren't 2 anymore.  I told the hubby I'm gonna start dressing up the boys...haha, um, that's a No Go!  What do I do wih all the Tutu's that are filling up the house? 
This one turned out really cute.  It's a double layer tutu with pink and orange and I embellished with some cute ribbon ties.  I made the onesie to match using the lovely Cricut Expressions and some fabric I had on hand!  I made it for a Baby shower gift and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  I can't wait for more baby girl showers.  I think this is such a fun gift to give!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Painted Shirts and Tulle Bows

I know it's been a while!  I often feel the need to create everything!  LOL!  But Lately I just haven't had the time and also trying to enjoy the summer doing fun things with my kids and maybe getting the whole house organized..that has been a huge project in itself....LOL. 
 But, I ended up making these ADORABLE shirts for the 4th!  I just love how they turned out!  I saw THIS blog and used the idea.  I think it would be fun to paint some shirts for many other holidays and things as well.  On some of the shirts and on the backs I used good old fabric and the cricut.  Just use Heat and Bond, Iron on to your fabric shapes or letters and then Iron on to the shirt.  So easy and I think it turned out good.  
I also made the girls' Hair bows.  I made them out of Tulle.  I'm addicted to Tulle....LOL, just one of the many things. =)  Just tie the tulle in knots onto a french clip, it's so easy.  After I tied all the tulle on I then tied a few ribbons on as well, just to complete the overall look!  I love them.   

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