Friday, August 17, 2012

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!

It's that time again! Time to be thinking about school lunches.  I've been admiring Bento Lunches for a while now, but I don't want to spend that much time on all the creativity.  It's very cool, and so cute but I just don't see myself spending the time to make cute creations everyday.  :)

My daughters were begging me to get these "Pack it" lunch boxes that they saw on TV...haha


& you know what? I totally ordered some. 
I already had a couple of  these handy dandy bento lunch box containers that I got at Walmart.  But lately I can never find anymore.  I may have to order some because I love them for lunch time for the kids. I think they will fit perfectly inside the "pack it" along with their drink & everything will keep cold for hours.

This blog had some great ideas for bento lunches, totally my style. She had the same idea I did with the "Pack it" along with my bento lunch containers.  

I grabbed me some of the silicone cupcake liners (from Walmart or Michaels) to divide some fun snacks in a cute way.  I love it! I'm ready for lunch time and my kids will like how it's all organized, ready to eat and lots of variety.  Now I just need some cute stainless veggie cutters to make cute shapes with the cheese etc. I think it will make it more fun. See my Pinterest Board here as I compile a list of great lunch time ideas & school time ideas.

Question time:  Do you send hot lunch items for your kids? Do you send it in a thermos? What kinds of Hot lunch items to you give them in their lunch? 

*Since I'm into Social Media I finally decided to join Twitter.  I know, I know...crazy! or Not! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clean Eating: What works for me!

There is so much good info on clean eating. Follow my "Healthy Eats" board on Pinterest for some Healthier food options.  Not always completely clean, but a good start. I think Cleaner Eating is the way to go for a overall healthier, better you! Get rid of all that processed junk.  If you want to start seeing some results...then just do it! There are different variations of clean eating, some more strict than others.  You need to find what works for you.  I have been clean eating for a few weeks now and am trying to find good recipes that my hubby and kiddos will enjoy too.  I'm trying to convert the whole family for the most part. :) I do have a "normal" meal or yummy treat at least once a week.  Otherwise I find myself on a crazy high calorie snacking binge...haha.  Not good.  So, like I said, see what works best for you.

Some Helpful resources to get you started:
This has so much info:
Helpful hints and tips... the whole website is one of my faves:
Getting started guide:
The eat clean food list that I follow (adapted from Jamie Eason):

The Main thing that I have learned is Food Prep is Key!! Don't put it off, pick a day on the weekend and prepare everything for the upcoming week. Make at least 2 main meals options, sides like brown rice, barley, oatmeal, cut up fruits and veggies so they are ready to go, boil eggs...peel and store in fridge for easy access. This will most definitely keep you on track.  It gives you quick healthy options, you already know what you are going to eat, so you just eat it.  :)

Eat protein with every meal, follow this clean eating, drink plenty of water & water only, keep track of what you are eating, ALWAYS eat breakfast, give yourself a cheat meal or treat once a week, prepare your food and yes lift weights!! You will see success!

Here are some things I prepared for my week: lots of fruits, veggies, brown rice, boiled eggs.  I also had home made Oatmeal, Salsa chicken and Turkey Meatloaf this week.

For breakfast I like:
Oatmeal muffins Here or Here (I would substitute the milk for almond milk, less calories and more calcium, & a clean approved food)
Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread- this is also a good option, but not my most favorite unless I'm feeling like a cakey or bread type taste.
I'll be trying these Blueberry Oat Pancakes, Biggest Loser Pancakes or Banana Walnut Protein Pancakes out very soon.  With a little Pure Maple Syrup, Honey or greek yogurt on top. Yum!
(I usually pair 1 serving of homemade Oatmeal or Oatmeal muffin with 3 boiled egg whites and some fruit for breakfast)
Sides: brown rice, plenty of veggies always, salad w/ balsamic vinegar, I'm in love with cucumbers, this makes them a yummy snack...I crave them, me and my son both!

The Main Course Meal is the hardest for the family to like. I Love or for some great recipes.  Not all of them are super clean, but sugar free or low calorie.  So, I'm finding things that the whole family will eat.

Here are a few of the Main Course meals that I've tried and had success with for the whole Fam:
 Salsa Chicken (eat it plain with a side of brown rice and veggies or have Tostada style: cook corn torillas for 15 minutes at 350 or 375 until crunchy, top with black beans, salsa chicken and lettuce. You could also cute the corn tortillas into triangles and have some clean eating nachos w/ black beans, salsa chicken or ground turkey & lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Yum!
 Jamie Eason's Monster Meatloaf- I'm not a fan of Meatloaf but we all love this, I cook it without the reduced sugar ketchup on top and spread it on after it's cooked.
Skinny Cheese Enchiladas (not quite completely clean, but low calories & so good)
Skinny 3-cheese Penne (again, not completely clean mainly because of the shredded cheese, but low in cals and so good and if the kids will eat it and it's pretty darn healthy I say YES WAY!)

In need of a Treat once in a while I still Love these recipes.  As long as you don't over do it and eat them all in one sitting...haha, you will stay right on track and still have a yummy treat!

*Here is a look at what I might eat in a day*

Breakfast- I eat within an hour of waking up and before a workout
 1 or 2 Oatmeal muffins, berries, banana or grapefruit and 3 boiled egg whites
3 boiled egg whites, ezekial bread and fruit
Clean Eating Protein pancakes w/ fruit on top
Fat free or Low fat cottage Cheese, fruit, oatmeal

Snack- usually I do a smaller version of what I would eat for lunch or something different depending on what I feel like. If it's after a workout I would just drink my Protein Shake using Perfect fit protein, 1/2 frozen banana and 1 cup almond milk.  15 grams of protein 150 calories and yum!
In need of something more I have a portion of fruit like an apple or something.

Turkey Meatloaf, Brown Rice, Salad (or something similar. Always a main protein, good carb and veggies, if feeling like something sweet I'll have some fruit too)

Snack- this is my snacky, snacky's better if I just stick with the easy same old thing, it makes me feel full.
Turkey Meatloaf and salad or some kind of veggies (smaller version of lunch or dinner)
if I'm on the go & need to have something in my bag I"ll take a long some Raw almonds.

Salsa chicken, black Beans & veggies

*I know this is a whole lot of info, but I hope this helps you get a start on a healthier lifestyle. One thing to remind yourself is that you can't expect to just make this change for a while, it's got to be a lifestyle.  If not, you will go right back to the way you were before and for most that's unhealthy eating & not happy with your body.  If you are in this for the long haul you will be healthier & overall happier. Check out my Weight Routine too. Put it all together and you will see a change in your body.
Please let me know if you ever have questions.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Weight Routine

The last few weeks I have got myself into a nice Weight lifting routine.  I have really seen the benefits with this more than anything else.  I have always enjoyed lifting weights but never did it consistent enough focusing on each part of the body.

For the first couple weeks I only did the Weights along with the Clean Eating.  I couldn't handle it anymore without running...haha.  So, the 3rd week I added back some cardio and started again with cross fit a couple times a week.  I think doing weights is so beneficial and helps you get the physique that you want faster than doing anything else.  It builds that lean look.  Here is what I have been doing......  (Please let me know if you need to know what each exercise is, I will work on creating links/video or instructions if I need to)

Day 1- Chest & Triceps (3 sets each exercise/12-15 reps each)
Wide Push ups
Dumb bell/barbell bench press
Flat bench cable flies
Narrow Push-up
Overhead Triceps Dumb bell extenstion
Triceps Cable Push Down
Bench dips or Tricep kickbacks

Day 2-Back & Biceps (3 sets/ 12-15 reps)
Wide grip Lat pull down
One arm bent over weighted row
Seated cable row
Underhand cable pull down
Alternating dumb bell bicep curls
One Arm preacher curls or hammer curls
Standing bicep cable curls

Day 3- Legs/Calves/Butt (3 or 4 sets- 15-20 reps)
Weighted squats
Weighted Lunges or weighted Cursty lunges
Weighted Sumo Squat
Weighted dead lift
Standing weighted calf raises
Scissors & circles (inner thighs)
Leg Kick Back (for total glute area :)

Day 4- Shoulders/Abs/Obliques (3 sets/ 12-15 reps)
Seated dumbbell press
Front delt raise with dumb bells(raise arms forward & all the way up)
Side lateral raises with dumb bells (to a "T")
Reverse (bent over) delt fly/to the back
Ball crunches (20 reps)
Air Bikes (20 reps)
Weighted obliques side to side (sitting or standing)
Lower abs in /out plank w/ ball

You can do this at the Gym which will give you more of a variety or most of these can be done at home with a few little changes.  I only have a set of small dumb bells and I broke out the Bowflex that we have had for at least 8 years and hardly every been used. That allows me to use more weight with the exercises.  So, I do it all at home.  Before I broke out the Bowflex :) I was still doing this at home, just changed up the exercises a bit to only do with dumb bells and my own body weight.  As you get use to this you can then increase the weight that you are using & decrease the number of reps that you do for each set.

You can do all days and then rest the rest of the week or do all the days, take a rest day and start the rotation again.  You are doing different things on different days so it gives the other muscles rest each day.  This focuses on every part of your body.  Once you do this for a couple weeks you will start to tone up those muscles, then when you add in some cardio you will burn the fat away and your new toned muscles will show through.  That's the idea ;) But, it's not all about exercise.  Nutrition is more than half of the battle. I've had a few questions about Nutrition so, that will again be a later post. :) Please let me know what questions you have about my weight lifting routine or about My Nutrition and I will try to answer them the best I can.  Hope this helps!! Have a great rest of the week!


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