Friday, August 29, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-29

(do each exercise for 25 reps, then 15, then 9)

Kettlebell or DB Swings
Butterfly Situps

record your time

Fitness, fitness motivation

Next week we will add another Nutrition habit
Continue with these...

multivitamin/whole foods vitamin
64 oz of water
no soda
at least 2 servings of veggies 
no eating past 8 pm

Then....starting Monday
Reduce your sugar intake!

*I could do a whole speal on why sugar is bad for you. But, I know you all know that it is. It's very addicting, it causes your blood sugar to spike and drop and it leads to disease! Trust will feel much better and be so much healthier when you reduce or get rid of sugar in your diet. I'd like you to get rid of white sugar. By eating less processed foods, not adding it, cooking with it or anything! I said reduce...because you can still use things like honey, pure maple syrup, stevia if you would like to cook with instead. Do it and feel and see the difference! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-28

Do Each set of exercises for 1 minute Each alternating between the two

5 Lunges
5 Puhsups
rest 30 seconds
5 dips
5 sumo squats
rest 30 seconds
5 millitary press w/ DB
5 box jumps
rest 30 seconds

Repeat 2 more times

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-27

3 Rounds
20 DB Power Snatch (10 each arm)
40 Butterfly Situps
50 jump ropes

record your time

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-26

7 Minutes
(Do each exercise 30 seconds, then rest 10 seconds in between)

Jumping Jacks
Wall Sit
Chair/bench Step ups
Tricep dips
High Knees/Running in Place
Side Plank on right Side
Side Plank on Left Side

Repeat for as many rounds as you can!
Record your number of rounds

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-25

25-15-9 of each movement

record your time in comments

continue in your nutrition habits

multivitamin/whole foods vitamin
64 oz of water
no soda
at least 2 servings of veggies 
no eating past 8 pm

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-22

5 Rounds
20 Air Squats
20 Butterfly Sit ups
20 Dips

record your time in comments!

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-21

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

40 Jump Ropes
20 lunges (alternating or walking)
10 pushups

Record your rounds

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-20

3 Rounds
(5 on each arm)
10 Burpees
(if you need to: walk legs out and in and eliminate the jump at the top, everybody can do every movement. Scale it to your level)
(with or without DB's)

record your time in the comments

You are doing great! Keep it up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-19

3 Rounds
20 KettleBell (or Dumbbell) Swings
20 Box Jumps (Or Stepups)

Record your time in comments!

You can do it!!!
You are getting stronger!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-18

4 Rounds
(if you need to modify burpees walk legs out one at a time and back in one at a time instead of jumping them out)

record time in comments

Take a multivitamin
drink atleast 64 oz of water
at least 2 servings of veggies
No Soda


Friday, August 15, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-15

5 rounds
 (use a broom stick unless you have a PVC)
20 Jump Ropes

record your time in comments

Happy Friday!!!

Next weeks added nutrition challenge is NO SODA

I know this will be super hard for some. You might have to deal with a headache for a week or 2. But, I promise you it will be so worth it!!

Reasons to stop drinking soda
1. first of all you'll end up drinking more water if you stop drinking soda. 
2. You'll save money!!
3. Increases your blood pressure
4. Destroys your teeth
5. It may lead to diabetes and other diseases that will also cost you high medical expenses.
6. Will lead you to not be able to lose weight or it will cause you to gain weight. 
7. Is linked to osteoporosis
8. May cause heart disease. Drinking only 1 can of soda per day, regular or diet- is associated with a 48% increased risk of metabolic syndrome, a key processor of heart disease and diabetes." according to the American Heart Association. 
9. Is linked to kidney stones and liver problems. 
10. It contains an ingredient banned in 100 other countries. About 10% of soda flavors contain BVO, or brominated vegetable oil, which is banned by the World Health organization and 100 countries. 
11. Your soda likely contains either aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. If you drink diet soda, your pop has some sort of artifical sweetener. If you drink full-calorie soda, chances are it has high fructose corn syrup. Both of these ingredients are very bad for you!

I could list many more reasons why drinking soda is bad! :) Cut down, do all that you can this week to stay away from it! 

What do you want more? A Healthy body and lifelong health or that soda you wanted in the small moment. 

Next week
Take a multivitamin
drink atleast 64 oz of water
at least 2 servings of veggies
No Soda

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-14

3 Rounds
10 Pushups
20 Crunches
30 Walking Lunges 
40 Squats
50 Jumping Jacks

-record your time-

Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Three | SocialCafe Magazine It ALL Depends on whether you except the fear or buckle down to the determination.

Remember Nutrition this week
Daily Vitamin
at least 64 oz of water
at least 2 veggie servings per day

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-13

Do each movement for 1 minute

*Jumping lunges (modify with alternating lunges)
*Hold a plank
*Bicep curls with DB or resistance band
*Pulse Squats
*Mountain climbers
*Rest 1 minute and repeat for 3 rounds total. 

Then, run for 200 Meters (about 2 blocks and back)

~record your time in comments~

Keep going!!! You are strong!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-12

4 rounds
15 DB shoulder press
15 Kettlebell/DB swings
40 Jump Ropes

Record your time in comments

Maybe I'm not mom, but I don't want them to ever think being unhealthy is normal.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-11

3 Rounds
10 Bicycle Crunches

record your time in comments

For the Challenge remember to:
Take a Multivitamin, preferrably a whole foods vitamin
Drink at least 64 oz of water
Eat at least 2 servings of Veggies every day

You can do it!!

Happy Monday!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8.8

5 rounds

~Record your time in the comments and tell me if you completed the ab portion~

I want you to work those abs extra today!! No need to time this portion.

Do 10 reps of each movement!
Ab exercises.

Happy Friday!! Get some rest this weekend!

Remember to continue drinking your water!!

For next weeks nutrition challenge we will add..... Eating at least 2 servings of veggies per day!

Here is the run down for next week:

*atleast 4 days completed Workouts
*Taking a multivitamin or whole foods supplement
*at least 64 oz of water everyday
*atleast 2 servings of veggies per day

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-7

3 Rounds for time
50 Jumps ropes
(if you don't have a rope mimic the jumping motion or do jumping jacks)
(with or without dumbbells, 10 on each leg)
(on knees or toes) (make sure you feel it in your obliques-touching your elbow to knee on each side.. work those abs :))

Go take a look at this recipe Skinny Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Chops
Doesnt' it sound delish!?

The best way to stay on track with your eating is to keep a food journal. Use My fitness Pal, TwoGrand App to keep track with pics OR just use a notebook! Allow yourself a "cheat" meal or "no strings attached" meal every week or every 4 days. This has been proven to help you stay on track without huge binges!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-6

This workout is not timed, do 1, 2 or 3 rounds and comment that you finished! Burn a lot of calories and keep that metabolism going for hours after you are done!

Gym Boss timers are great or you can find tabata apps that work great for timing this type of workout. If you don't have either of those simply watch the clock!

60 second pushups
30 second high knees
60 second pushups
30 second high knees
(60 second break)

60 seconds out & in jump squats 
(jump out with feet wide-squat, jump in with feet narrow- squat)
30 seconds mountain climbers
60 seconds out & in jump squats
30 seconds mountain climbers
(60 seconds break)

60 seconds Bicep curls w/Dumbbells
30 seconds burpees
60 seconds Bicep curls w/ Dumbbells
30 seconds burpees
(60 second bread and repeat)

11 total minutes for this workout. Can do more rounds according to your level and you can always modify the movements to your level. 

Keep drinking that water!!
A good amount of water that you need for your body is 1/2 your body weight in oz. If you weigh 150/2= 75
That means its really good for you to drink 75 oz of water every day!

You can do this!!
No more excuses.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-5

 Countdown 12 reps, 11, 10, 9.....etc
(start with 12 reps of each movement, then 11 and so on lowering the reps each round)

(use a barbell or DB's)
Dips (using chair or bench)

Remember to comment with your time
Don't be shy ;)

How are you doing drinking your Water??
Remember it's the Nutrition Focus this week. 

If you want to officially join us on this Monthly Challenge then fill out the form here. You will be sent some helpful Nutritional guidelines via email. 

Most people think that eating healthy has to be Black or White. Most of us have an all or nothing approach (some health cases it has to be that way). But, if you take that approach eventually it will lead to a binge!
I know it's hard. If you decide to have your favorite treat once in a while it helps to limit yourself to stay on track. Say "I will just have 1 slice of pizza." "I will have 15 chips."
Rather than going crazy on pizza, chips or whatever it may be. You can still allow yourself to have that but with limits.
The Black and White mentality often leads to failure because it isn't always realistic. Eat as Healthy as you can most days. There needs to be grey areas. Just use logic within the grey areas. Allow yourself the predetermined portion and move on and move it out of site! :)

You can do this!! 

Black and white sayings

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-4

Welcome to the Monthly Challenge!! If you did not fill out the form and want to be apart of the challenge go here to fill out the form. All those that joined has received Nutrition guidelines and food list via email. 
Somethings you may need for the workouts are: dumbbells up to 40 lbs extremely recommended, box or steps to jump on, jump rope, kettlebell, resistance band. If you don't have those things, no worries use what you have on hand and be creative in your movements. 

-Workout of the Day-

3 rounds for time
(preferrably heavier dumbbells, use jugs of milk if you have to ;))
15 Plank ups 
(up, up, down, down is 1 rep)(if you can't do these, hold a plank for atleast 45 seconds)
(regular lunges to modify- alternating legs each rep)

*record your time in the comments

Nutrition focus this week is to drink at least 64 oz of water. 
Drinking enough water is so important not only for your results, but for every part of your body... your organs, processing of your food, your biggest organ on your body- your skin, and soooo much more!!
Most people do not drink enough water. Sometimes when you feel hungry you might actually just be thirsty. Replace those sugary drinks and sodas with Water!!

If you are not taking a multi-vitamin I also want you to get on board with that. Over the counter vitamins usually just sit in your stomache and don't actually give you anything!! Bummer!
If you truly want vitamins and minerals from a supplement to fill in the gap of what you are not getting nutritionally I highly suggest Juice Plus+, a whole foods vitamin.
I don't put my name on a product or start using a product that I have not done the research on. You can walk into a whole foods store and find a whole foods vitamin, but what I love and trust about Juice Plus is all the resarch that backs it up! You can also sponsor a child up to 4 years with every purchase of an adult. Very cool! Very awesome company and product that truly shows results. Less sickness and better overall health! You can never get the amount of fruits and vegetables needed without it. 
I highly recommend you get on Juice Plus. Ships internationally too. Let me know if you have any questions about that. 

One more action step as we begin!!
Post your short term and long term goals in the comments!

You can do this!! I Believe in YOU!
Can't wait to see and hear about your results!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Why & SMARTER Goals!

What is your "Why" for wanting to get healthy? What is your "Why" for wanting to get in shape, eat healthy or lose weight? Is it to be an example to your kids and family? To get in a good habit for life long health? To fight off disease and be alive and well when you are in your 60's? Think of the big picture and keep that in your mind!!
If you haven't already I want you to write down your goals!! 
A SMARTER goal is:
*Specific- needs to be specific
*Measurable- something you can measure, that you can see improvement with. It doesn't always have to be lbs lost or inches, it can be improving in movements, being able to do 10 full pushups, etc. 
*Attainable- Attainable but aggressive.  Set your expectations high but be realistic for you. 
*Relevant- Needs to be relevant to what you are trying to accomplish, in this case with your Health & Fitness
*Time Specific- it helps to give yourself a date to work towards. I like doing 30 days at a time.
after 30 days (or however long you gave yourself)
*Evaluate- Take a step back & Evaluate how you did &...
*Revise- anything that needs to be revised. Correct course if need be and continue on with a new goal!

*Visualize yourself reaching your goal & making it to that finish line for that goal!! There is power in writing your goals down. Write it down and you will accomplish it!
*A good trick is to write it in first person.  Write it like you already accomplished it!
 *Your 30 day goal should follow the SMART goal guidelines.
 example- "It's August 30 and I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in my waist."
This is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time Specific.
 *Make a new 7 day goal each week that can be less specific. These are little goals that will help you make it to your big goal.
example- "I will keep my nutrition on track this week and workout at least 3 days."
 *Make a sticky note of your 30 day goal and put it somewhere you will see it everyday!! On your mirror, in your car, on your fridge...
 I encourage you to take some time and think about your goals and write them down!! This is an important step.

Share your goals with me to be accountable!!
This type of Goal setting can pertain to any part of your life!!
See your goals written, in ink on paper will have a powerful effect on your mind.

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-1

5 Rounds
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Crunches
20 Air Squats
10 Pushups

~record your time in comments~

It's a New Month!!
Time to make new goals and create a vision of what you want to become!! If you see it and Believe it, you can achieve it!!
Write down a goal like you've already accomplished it and post it somewhere to see everyday! When you have that desire and keep pushing forward you WILL get there!

Join us in the Monthly Challenge starting Monday!! All you need to do is fill out the form and commit to Cleaner Eating and Exercising for the month! Sign up Now!

A BIG Happy Birthday to my Oldest Daugther! 11 YEARS OLD!!
Both my Girls recently chopped off their hair for Locks of Love! Such a great cause! Such sweet girls! <3


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