My "Whole30" Adventure

April 1, 2013 I started the Whole30 Challenge.  If you don't know what that is or want to know why I started this you can see my post HERE.  After reading the Book "It Starts with Food" I can't believe I haven't tried this sooner.  I will log each day here so I can keep myself accountable, and so I can look back and know exactly how my "experiment" turned out, what worked and what didn't.  Also, this is for you who may be interested in the Whole30 and improving your health, not just with weight loss but from the inside out.  I believe that the things you put on your plate have almost EVERYTHING to do with the way you feel, the aches/pains, digestive problems, diseases that you may have, allergies, etc.  Food has a lot to do with it.  I highly recommend the book "It Starts With Food!"

Here we go.... (when you start eating super healthy and cutting out all that junk/sugar/bad carbs your body is almost in shock and it takes a few days or so for the toxins to all get out of your's like a "carb flu" they call it. So, I knew that the first week might not be the best...But, it's important to just stick with it, most people said that the 2nd or 3rd week is when they really noticed a huge difference in energy, etc)
(scroll to the bottom for some weekly recap posts of my 2nd attempt to Whole 30)

Day 1- 4/1/13
Last week was spring break and wow I completely went of plan, no clean eating, just ate and ate junk!! Except chocolate...haha. (since I have given that up for 100 days) Maybe it was because I new I would be going really strict for this whole30 and wanted one last party! I felt horrible though, just kept feeding myself with food. I think I gained back 5 lbs. Boo!! All my hard work from "clean eating" :( And I had bad allergies all week. Not sure if that had anything to do with the way I was eating... ?

Anyway, I read about Whole30 a couple weeks ago and instantly wanted to try it. I do notice that I become really bloated if I eat too many grains. I'm interested to see what I feel like without the dairy, grains, and legumes and completely no sugar, not even my honey!! I think its a great idea to start from the basics and really learn how my body reacts to certain foods. I'm excited to see if I notice any changes. I'm excited to see what I learn through this whole30 adventure! :)

I'm most nervous about snacking. I'm use to eating 5-6 small meals per day. I feel like I have to eat every 2-3 hours. For years I have had hypoglycemia symptoms and if I don't eat every couple hours I get sick, dizzy, hot sweats, blurry vision, fatigue, etc. I also have come to realize how what I eat plays a huge role in those symptoms. I always eat protein with most of my meals, that's another reason I try to stay away from processed crap. I can't ever eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast or I'll be feeling it soon after. If I do happen to have pancakes or something I pair it with protein and it helps a little. I also have low blood pressure, not sure it it's considered scary low or how that plays in with anything. I have never had a problem with it except for when I have babies. So, if I feel like I need to eat during these 30 days I'm going to eat :) hopefully I don't end up eating too much. 

So, I have been ready to start....bring on the changes! Here we go!

*pre workout- 1/2 banana, 1 boiled egg white (I don't like the yolks)
I usually workout early in the morning aroud 5:30 am, I did Day 1 of Les Mills Pump (starting completely over after a hamstring injury from running, I'm hoping to get back into running again soon too)

*Breakfast- 3 egg whites, Whole Grapfruit, handful of almonds

*Lunch- sweet potato chunks fried in coconut oil (about 3/4 of the potato) with cinnamon sprinkled on top and 2 boiled egg whites. (I've never liked sweet potato, but this was good! And we have a ton of boiled eggs left from coloring them for Easter, so since it was fast and easy and I hadn't cooked up any chicken yet I just grabbed those.) 

*snack- made a cookie sheet full of Kale chips w/ lime juice, chilli pepper and olive oil. Ate them all :) along with a whole avacado mashed up with lime juice and salt/pepper. 

*2nd snack (oops)- handful of cashews and raisins.

*Dinner- Citrus chicken breast and roasted broccoli. 

Water- drank 2 1/2 liters

(I also took some fish oil supplements and a multivitamin, not sure if that's good or bad during the whole30 plan, still reading the book to find out)

I felt pretty good all day, a bit of the Hypoglycemia symptoms and I did feel pretty bloated...either because of the water or because I ate too much. Not sure if this is considered too much.

Okay...on to Day 2... 

Day 2 (4/2/13)

*Breakfast- cut up apple chunks in almond milk with raisins and cinnamon, 2 small handfuls almonds

*snack- 1 boiled egg white

*Lunch- Scrambled eggs, sweet potato chunks fried in coconut oil, 3 turkey sausage patties, 1 pineapple ring

*snack- Salad with cucumber, romaine lettuce, olives, avacado, citrus chicken strips, tomato, sunflower seeds and lime juice + salt/pepper

*Dinner- Blackened Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops with Pork fried "rice" (cauliflower) (grated cauliflower cooked in coconut oil, with garlic, minced onion, coconut aminos, bacon pieces and eggs scrambled in..super yummy!)

I feel like I wake up too early and there are way too many hours in between meals :) So, I still ended up snacking a bit. They say you shouldn't need to snack too much if you are eating plenty of protein, veggies and healthy I'm working on making my meals larger and more satisfying, I know my body just needs to get use to it too as I'm use to snacking all the time. But, also when you are snacking on Healthy stuff it can't do much harm, so snacking is ok!! You just shouldn't need to, it's all about listening to your body also and are you snacking just because that's what you usually do and because it's a habit....??  I was full after Lunch but it didn't last long so I ended up eating the salad maybe 2 hours later. I need to work on making bigger meals for breakfast I'm just always short on time. Had a bit of a headache this afternoon and felt a little bit of the Hypoglycemia symptoms coming...a little shaky, very tired, hot sweats, etc. After I finally feel full I feel very bloated but almost not satisfied, it's a weird feeling, my stomach feels hungry but bloated...?

I know this first week will be my body transitioning and getting rid of toxins and getting use to burning fat instead sugar. I haven't had the "carb flu" too bad so far. 

Day 3- 4/3/13

My morning was all over the place and it was a very busy day so I feel like I was kind of eating sporadically. 

Pre- workout- 1/2 cup pineapple chunks, 1 boiled egg white

Post workout- scrambled eggs and pineapple chunks

Lunch- Romaine lettuce with chicken salad on top (chicken, avacado, lime juice, salt/pepper) cucumbers, tomato, sunflower seeds and lime juice.spritzed on top.

Snack- almonds and grapes

Dinner- 3 large romaine leaves with flank steak, topped with avacado and tomato like a lettuce taco :)

Water- I've been drinking about 2 1/2 liters each day. I'm going to try for 3 tomorrow. 

Still felt hungry and needed something sweet had 1 1/2 pink lady apples sliced with 3 tbs almond butter. I couldn't stop with the almond butter, it was soooo good with the apples. 

Now feel bloated....again that hungry bloated feeling.

I was around a ton of food today, yummy yummy food. I was helping at a funeral luncheon and there was a ton of food and desserts. I was starving at the time too, There was plenty left over that I could have brought some home too, but I did not!! I refrained and feel good. Then "PaPa" (grandpa) had to bring the kids brownies tonight, he loves to give them goodies....oh my! :o
Not tempted. Everybody had one but me...although they asked me like 5 times. :) Yay me! 

Day 4 4/4/13

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs (scrambled in coconut oil), 4 pieces of bacon (now that I read the book a little further I realize I need to find better bacon or not have it at all.  Bacon and sausage are not the best meats to choose because they are highly proccessed, but if you read labels sometimes you can find ones that are ok, shouldn't be your full protein source though, maybe just a condiment)

snack- I ended up putting about 1/2 a strawberry and 3 pistachios in my mouth as my kids were snacking :)

Lunch- spinach leaves with strawberries, drizzled with a tiny bit of pineapple juice, craisins, & sunflower seeds (I usually like this with little mandarin oranges, but I didn't have any so I drizzled a little pure pineapple juice to try and give it a juicy flavor)
Leftover Blackened Sirloin Porkchop on the side.

snack- 1 apple 2 tbs almond butter

Dinner- Roast Beef with Mashed cauliflower "potatoes" with little bacon pieces on top.

Water- 2 1/2 liters

I feel like I'm starting to get better at the snacking. I'm trying not to snack too much. As long as I eat a bigger breakfast I do okay in the morning. In the afternoon I always feel like I need something or I will never make it through. Still feel foggy, sorta headache, not able to concentrate in between meals, I guess this is the "carb flu" kicking in...feel that low blood sugar feeling...if that's what it actually is. It's not too bad, seems to be getting a little better. 

I forgot to mention that last week I was having bad allergies and I noticed an improvement from Day 1. Not all the way clear, but definitely better with each day.

I ate horrible last week, talk about carb load. My skin was also breaking out last week, probably from all the junk I was eating. I seem to have problem skin, sometimes it's clear, sometimes it's not. It's definitely hormonal and I also notice a change with the things that I eat. I'm excited to see if there is a definite improvement with my skin over the next couple weeks. 

Day 5 -4/5/13

Breakfast- 3 boiled egg whites, 3 slices bacon (because I still had some left) & 1 orange

Snack- had a handful of almonds on the way out the door about an hour after breakfast

Lunch- Roast Beef and a romaine lettuce and spinach leaves mixture w/ chicken salad on top, avacado, carrots, grape tomatos w/ lemon juice, salt/pepper. With a side of pineapple and honeydew melon.

Dinner- Almond flour crusted chicken with Sweet potato casserole. I thought it turned out great. Sweet potatos are still not my favorite, but I will eat them. Family liked the chicken but not really the sweet potato stuff. :) But, I'm happy that they have been eating most of the dinners so far really well. They are not really doing this with me, but they have to eat what I cook :)

Water- by the end of tonight I will have drank 3 liters today.

I forced myself to not snack this afternoon. I felt ok. A little tired when I woke up today. I didn't get my exercise in, I'm kind of taking it easy this week with the exercise. I still feel a little blurry, foggy...whatever you want to call it. Even just 30 minutes or so afer meals. I feel full but foggy in the head...if that makes sense. I'm hoping that improves by next week. 

Yesterday I was VERY irritable and I also read that it is common in the first week to feel this way and tired too.  (also that "fun time" of the month came 5 days early!!! What? That never happens to me, that also could be the cause of my bloating and grumpiness :)) Trying to teach in the afternoon was miserable. I didn't feel that bad today other than the tiredness which isn't too far from how I normally feel and the foggy head. 

I feel full and satisfied tonight in my tummy. I haven't had any cravings for sugar and goodies and they have been all around me everyday.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting as I won't really be home all day. We will probably have to grab something to eat as we will be in another city. Trying to figure out what to do and what I could eat that will be approved.....? 

Day 6 -4/6/13

Breakfast- scrambled eggs cooked in coconut. Strawberries, blackberries, banana slices, unsweetened coconut flakes and walnut pieces on top. Yummy!

Lunch- Roast Beef, honeydew melon and almonds

Dinner- at Golden Corral since we were out of town. I had a Steak and salad with cucumber, boiled eggs, carrots, olives and lemon juice squeezed on top. I'm hoping the Steak wasn't cooked in anything bad :( I had 2 plates with the same exact thing. It seemed like the safest choice and my lunch wasn't that big so I was starving by this time. And I wasn't even tempted with any other foods or dessert...What?! Crazy! I usually forget everything and just eat like crazy at this place. It's great to feel in control! 

I'm proud of myself because we were gone all day, I made sure I had roast and things to snack on at lunch time or just in case. We were at Soccer games all day so I just kept those things in the cooler and we didn't go eat anything until dinner time. It was a little bit of an early dinner time and I didn't eat anything the rest of the day. I did get a bit of a headache and blurry eye feeling in the afternoon but I reallly didn't feel that hungry for a while.

Day 7- 4/7/13

Breakfast- scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil. Strawberries, banana, kiwi, blackberries, unsweetened coconut flakes and walnuts on top. I had to have that again because it was soooo good!

Lunch- leftover steak and sweet potato casserole...the casserole tasted better today than it did the other day! Things are starting to taste really yummy!
-handful of cucumbers, carrots, olives and then celery with almond butter.

Snack- a few almonds

Dinner- leftover chicken (cooked with almond flour) and some more sweet potato casserole :) and one bit of a pineapple chunk.

I'm feeling good so far. Still have a bit of the headache and blurry eye thing going on between meals and such. It's not too bothersome though, just hoping it passes. It's just something I'm use to happening when I go so long between meals, but usually I'm also really starving and shaky (when I'm not following whole30) And I'm neither of those, so that's good.  I can't believe I've been able to go so long between meals! I guess that's what happens when your body isn't constantly processing through sugar and well..crap that it doesn't need, even when I thought I was eating "healthy" foods like, brown rice, low fat milk, greek yogurt, oatmeal, black beans, etc.  I can tell a big difference already now that I've stopped eating those things.

I'm half way through the book. It is so fascinating! It almost makes me not want to ever eat grains, dairy, legumes or sugar again. But, I know that's not really reasonable to do forever! ;) Maybe? :) Wen't to visit my parents tonight and my mom was just finishing up getting dinner ready and it did look really good. She is a good cook. My whole family ate some and I just drank my water and visited with them at the table. A little uncomfortable. She also offered dessert which looked yummy, but I really didn't want any. I passed and just waited until we go home so I could fix me up some dinner. Glad that I have leftovers in the fridge so I could warm me up something real quick. I probably should have had a better variety of veggies today, but I just grabbed what was fast and tasted good. I don't mind repetition in my foods either. I could eat the same things for breakfast every morning and be fine. 

So, I started that" fun time of month" that comes every month :angry: on Thursday and it's wierd because usually I want to eat and eat when that happens. I haven't had cravings or anything and other than being cranky on thursday I haven't been since. Maybe that is why I was also eating like crazy last week and why I felt bloated at the beginning of this week. But, I also started 5 days early which is unlike, hmmmm...not really sure what that is all about. I do feel like things have been wierd with my hormones the last few months though, so maybe it's all starting to get back on track again. Sorry if that's just too much info. I want to know all the details for my records :)

Fruits are tasting so sweet to me and veggies are tasting awesome. I really am loving the food and don't feel deprived at all. I love that I feel in control and not having crazy cravings for sweets. I feel great that I truly am giving my body ONLY what is good for it and nothing else. Oh and I couldn't help it, since I finally wasn't feeling bloated anymore I could tell a tiny bit of a difference in my body and I stepped on the scale...oops. But, I lost 7 pounds!!! What? That's crazy. I didn't think it would be that much at all in the first week. I have been taking it easy on the working out. Usually I'm a workout fanatic. Having a hamstring injury has made me take a step back. So, I'm wondering if when I start gaining some of my muscle back if the weight will go up a bit. We will see. I'm hoping to workout a bit more this week. And I WILL NOT weigh myself again until the very end. Can't wait to see what happens.

Week one has been a success!! Week 1 recap HERE

Day 8- 4/8/13

I wake up early on weekdays about 5:00, get my husband off to work and then workout. Since my hamstring injury I haven't been doing much working out and it's driving me crazy.  I'm dying to get back into running and my Les Mills Pump.  So, I took it a little easier last week anyway because they suggest to take it easy on excercise the first week because your body may feel drained.  The guidelines suggest eating a protein and some optional healthy fat at least 15-75 minutes before your workout.  I usually eat a banana and that works for me since it's so early.  All the boiled eggs were gone, so I opted for a small piece of leftover chicken...wierd for morning :) But, it worked.

Pre- workout: Small piece of leftover chicken.  Seemed ok, I feel like I still need a banana to make me feel more energy during a workout.  But, I felt pretty good and my hamstring felt better.  Ached a little bit during the rest of the day, but felt better than usual during the workout this morning.

Breakfast- 4 scrambled eggs, cooked in coconut oil.  Bowl full of strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, banana, unsweetened coconut flakes and slivered almonds on top.  Yum! I could eat this everyday.  So good!

Lunch- Large Salad with 1 chicken breast, cucumbers, carrots, olives, avacado, with lemon juice and salt/pepper

Snack- handful of almonds and olives :)

Dinner- So, My husband has a freezer full of meat from his Deer :/ I don't like Deer meat at all, never have.  My dads a butcher for crying out loud and so I grew up with all kinds of meat, but I have never liked anything game-y tasting...Deer, Elk, etc.  My dad had mixed up the deer hamburger with regular hamburger because it's suppose to be better that way.  So, I decided we should use it, especially since we are eating so much protein.  I mixed it with some yummy seasonings to give it a ranch flavor.  Made some hamburger patties and a side of veggies.  I actually had some more leftover Sweet Potato casserole, since I'm the only one eating it there is a bunch left. :) I took one bite of the "ranch" burger and blaaahhhh!! I still hate it, still hate gamey deer meat! :( So, tonight I had 1 serving of sweet potato casserole for dinner. :( I'm really not too hungry though so I'll just pass on anything else tonight.

Drank almost 3 liters of water today.

I'm usually starving by dinner time so this is odd for me to not eat much for dinner.  Now it's already 7:30 pm so I'm thinking I won't try and whip something else up for me to eat tonight. Oh well.

I did still feel a little "brain fog" and headachey a bit this afternoon.  I'm hoping this passes soon.
But, this morning I had boundless energy.  I felt almost jittery, like maybe how I would feel if I drank caffeine. Weird, but felt good to have so much energy!

Not my best eating day, kind of boring! But, otherwise I'm still hopeful about this whole thing.

Day 9- 4/9/13

Pre workout- I just had 1 1/2 banana before I did a light workout. (I need to work on eating protein first thing)

Breakfast- 3 egg muffins (cooked with sausage and spinach).  Fruit bowl (strawberry, blackberries, kiwi, banana and coconut on top)

Lunch- 5 small salmon patties, 2 servings of brocolli drizzled with clarified butter and lemon juice, a few avacado pieces on the side.

Dinner- Chicken soup (with carrots, celery, garlic, chicken broth and seasonings)

Felt pretty good today.  Didn't get very good sleep last night though :( Still need to go to bed earlier, even though I was so tired I couldn't fall asleep.  That's pretty normal though, I don't usually fall asleep quick.  Reading the book says after a couple weeks or so I should be able to fall asleep so easy and get great sleep! I'm hoping for that!
My allergy symptoms (watery eyes, stuffy head and stuffy/runny nose) is completely gone.  No symptoms.  Could be a coincidence I guess....or not!
Felt upbeat all morning.  I definitely notice a difference in my mood.  I just overall feel happier! Still a little "brain fog" in the afternoons.  In the book it also says that's normal, I can't wait for that to pass.

I still haven't had any cravings! Usually at night when I finally get to relax I want to lay down, read a book or watch tv and have a sweet treat.  But, lately it doesn't even phase me hardly at all.  Tonight was the first night I just wanted something...sorta.  Not sure if I really was still hungry or if it was just a craving.  I actually really felt like I was really craving an apple so I had one! :)

So far so good!!

Day 10- 4/10/13

Pre- workout- 2 egg muffins (I had cooked these the day before so I could have some easy to grab protein early in the morning) My kids and hubby are loving them too.  I can't keep them in the fridge!! I need to start posting some of these recipes!

Did Les Mills Pump challenge and Hard Core Abs....felt great! Yay! No real Hamstring pain.  Still not going hard core for now like I use to though :( I don't want to go crazy working out until I really feel the energy start kicking in.  Most people say around week 3, so we will see.

Meal 1- 3 egg muffins, still have sweet potato casserole :) So, since I need to do better at eating veggies for my first meal it sounded like the best thing.  Fruit bowl!! My favorite.

Meal 2- Salad w/ chicken, cucumber slices, olives, lemon juice, s/p
1 small sausage patty, whole grapefruit sprinkled with ground cinnamon, handful of coconut flakes
I just felt like a whole bunch a different things for lunch :)

*snack- I took a bit of almonds and coconut flakes as I was running out the door and ate some of those. I felt like I needed a little something this afternoon.

Meal 3- Chicken cooked in coconut water, clarified butter, salt/pepper, garlic salt, onion powder.  I just started throwing stuff in the pan :) I was going to cook it in chicken broth.  I like to do that...cook it on low-med until cooked through with salt/pepper and then turned it on high and let the broth cook up and if you add a bit more broth while it's cooking it cooks up real fast and creates a yummy browning on the chicken.  So, since I was out of chicken broth I noticed I had coconut water that I bought to try a while ago and I thought "what the heck" and tried it.  I did the same process and it turned out yummy!! The whole family loved it!  I had a side of canned artichocke hearts and brocollo drizzled with clarified butter and lemon juice, s/p.

So, almost done with the book.  I need to finish it.  I'm enjoying it, just haven't had as much time as I wanted to just sit and read.  But, it talks about not saying breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  But, using Meal 1, 2, 3 because you shouldn't feel like there are only certain things that you have to eat in the morning.  Each meal should be a good combo of protein, veggies and healthy fats and a little fruit if you need it. Each meal should pretty much look like this .  And also you could use 1 or 2 different healthy fat servings per meal based on the serving sizes suggested. I also love that the book talks about how everybody is different and how you haven't quite been able to really know what signals your body has been sending you when eating before the Whole30, but now you should be able to know your body signals, listening to if you really are hungry or just craving.  Also, after trying out the meals and portions for a week or so, you should start to know if you need more fats or proteins at a meal or less or if you need 4 meals instead of 3 like if you wake up super early and have a lot of hours in a day. You can go by how YOU feel!! I really do feel that I can trust my body now, before I was hungry all the time, I thought I was hungry, but most of the time probably just craving.  And the things I was eating was causing more cravings...more, more, more like a vicious cycle and not alllowing my body to do with it what was needed.  It's crazy to me.  Now that I've been eating this way, I'm learning to know and trust that I really am hungry, or when I'm just craving.  But, I haven't had any crazy cravings....yet.  It's usually that I'm craving some fruit or something.

Tonight I went to an activity and they had refreshments...yummy looking cupcakes and slushy punch.  I appreciated it and can say that it did look great, but I wasn't craving it at all. I felt just fine not having any. Everybody all around me was having some and offered me some and I just said no.  I love the feeling of being in control!! Love! And before whole30 I would have probably given in and my brain would have really really wanted some and then later I would regret it because I know it's doing nothing what so ever good for my body.  So, it feels good to not have any of those feelings and to know that I'm only putting good stuff in my body!

Day 11 4/11/13

WooHoo Day 11!  I'm feeling great! I did wake up feeling a little tired and didn't think I was going to have much energy today.  So, I just ate my pre workout "snack" and rested for a minute more after I got hubby off to work.  I then did a light workout today, a little Les Mills Flow (it's Yoga) and I felt great afterward! I felt awake and ready for the day! I'm excited to see how I feel the rest of the day!

Pre work out- 1 1/2 egg muffins (gonna have to make more of these, after everybody keeps grabbing them out of the fridge they are gone!)

Breakfast- 2 fried eggs (fried in clarified butter), sweet potato (chopped up and fried in coconut oil, sprinkled with s/p and cinnamon too :)) This is going to have to be my go to morning veggie, I'm still surprised that I like it! A side of fruit- strawberries, blackberries, banana and coconut flakes on top.  This was a yummy breakfast!

*It's good to remember when using coconut oil or olive oil in cooking, only use it for low-med temps, not high temp cooking or it will oxidize and go rancid.  When cooking with high heat I use clarified butter instead.

I need to get better at doing nothing but enjoying my meals at meal time.  You are suppose to do nothing else (check email, answer questions on fb :), work on lesson plans, etc) while eating.  When you are eating, you need to fully enjoy your meal and nothing else. So, I will work on that today!

I've been washing my face with coconut oil at night.  I just started that this week.  I do every other day with coconut oil and baking soda mixture and then other days just coconut oil.  It's wierd and since I have oily skin it almost seems wrong :) But, it's good oil and actually helps get rid of junk and oil on the skin! Coconut Oil is amazing for so many things!! I had already started seeing improvement in my skin this week just from the way I've been eating.  So, we will see how this all works out!

Lunch- Leftover Salmon patty and leftover chicken on a bed of spinach leaves.  Artichoke hearts on the side.

Dinner- Pork Roast, cauliflower rice and artichoke.  Yum!

I felt great today! Especially in the morning.  Towards afternoon I started having some "brain fog," I guess I'll keep calling it that, not sure how else to describe it. I felt great during my afternoon classes though.  No grumpiness this time! :) My period has lasted forever!! Like a whole 7/8 days.  It hasn't been bad though and again no cravings during.  Sorry if that's TMI ;) I may need to know for some reason later....
So far everything seems a little better each day! I did finish the book finally too! Super great! I love it!

Day 12- 4/12/13

Today was a harder day for me.  I still stayed on track but I had to get out of my comfort zone a bit and get into the "real" world I guess you could say. :) My son and I were suppose to have a "Date." We like to switch off one on one time with each kid and go on a special date with just them.  So, he's been begging me to go to McDonalds of all places.  My poor kids are deprived because "we never take them to McDonalds." haha, so deprived! :) We went to Mcdonalds, I had no time before hand to eat my own lunch, so I had to opt for a McDonalds salad w/ grilled chicken.  I know the grilled chicken probably wasn't the best. :( But better than anything else. We then went to the park and to the library and he thought it was super fun because it's just me and him!  We also went to dinner tonight! Wow.  Out to eat 2 meals in a row, not the best eating day, but It was good practice for me to order good food and get the best option possible where ever I am.

Pre W.O- 1 boiled egg

Workout- Les Mills Pump & Burn- I felt Awesome while working out! Yay!

Post Workout- 1 Fried egg, sweet potato fried in coconut oil. (this was a smaller portion, the book said that your post workout meal can actually be an extra meal)

Meal 1- Pork Roast, fried sweet potato chunks, fruit mix topped with coconut flakes. (this was like at 9 am)

Meal 2- Mcdonalds salad, no cheese, just lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, grilled chicken and I asked for lemon wedges to squeeze on top instead of the dressing.

Meal 3- Before we went to dinner I actually had a little bit of pork roast and a couple celery sticks.  At dinner I had a spinach salad w/ boiled egg, carrot, cucumber and bacon with lemon wedges to squeeze on top.

Now that I did the post workout meal plus a regular "Meal 1" it seems like a lot...? Not sure. I had a lot of energy this morning and then felt sooooo tired this afternoon.  Could be because of my meals, not enough good fats in the afternoon....?

I'm almost half way through!!

Day 13- 4/13/13

Today was another crazy Saturday.  As I was headed out the door to Soccer games I took my Meal 1 :)
I ate out ALL DAY LONG and ate Meal 1 in my car :) I think I did ok though for eating out.  This weekend has been a real test of eating the right things at restaurants.  It can be done!

Meal 1- 3 boiled eggs, celery sticks with my homemade almond coconut butter (almonds, coconut flakes and coconut oil), blackberries and 1/2 a banana.

Meal 2- I ordered an omelet.  I asked and made sure they would not mix milk in with the eggs, no cheese, I got spinach, onions and tomatoes.  I was going to get some ham or sausage inside but thought it might be too risky because I'm sure there are bad ingredients in them...? And a side of fruit- watermelon, honeydew melon, grapes. I was proud of myself for asking how things were cooked, etc. :)

Snack- I bought a couple "Lara Bars" to try.  I made sure to only buy the ones with the best ingredients and only approved things.  I know these are only suppose to be a "once in a while food" or for something to keep in your bag for "emergency situation" type snacks.  I couldn't help but try the Pecan Pie one.  The ingredients are dates, pecans, & almonds.  That's it! It was soooo yummy! Tasted like dessert.  This might be a dangerous treat because it's the kind of thing that makes you want to eat and eat and eat them.

Meal 3- Chicken fajita salad- lettuce, grilled chicken, grilled red & green peppers, onion, avacado and lemon juice on top. It was actually really good, I've never really tried grilled red/green peppers.  So, I may have to cook this at home.

I also bought some "Coconut Manna" today and had to try it, so I ate a small spoon full :) So good!! Not sure exactly what to do with it though other than to eat it by the spoonful if I'm in need of a healthy fat at a meal :)

I went to bed too late last night and woke up feeling tired still.  I felt ok this morning, but feel sooooo tired now this evening.  Not sure if I got all my water in either, I was sipping all day long though. I always like to try and get at least 2 liters each day and keep track.

Day 14- 4/14/13

Wow! It's been 2 weeks.  I'm feeling really good! I ate my own meal again before we went to go eat with family.  I took a Lara Bar just in case I needed a little something while they were eating dessert :)

Meal 1- 2 Fried eggs on top of spinach, fruit on the side.

Meal 2- Pork Roast, Salad w/ lemon juice, Olives

Meal 3- Spinach/Strawberry Salad w/ mandarin oranges, coconut, avacado and slivered almonds.  Side of left over Pork.  Yum!

*snacked on a couple cucumbers and carrots and ended up having my Lara Bar after all.  Lemon Flavor. Yummy!!

Day 15- 4/15/13

Pre- workout- 2 boiled eggs

Meal 1- (after workout)- I made a banana cinnamon "pancake" and I spreaded a tiny bit of my homemade almond butter on and then topped with with berries and coconut flakes.  This might actually be really delicious with the coconut manna spread on top.  Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.
- for the pancake, I mixed 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, a little cinnamon and vanilla and 1 tsp coconut flour.  I blended it in the blender so it would be nice and smooth and cooked it in coconut oil like a pancake. It made a larger, medium and small pancake.  Next time I may try this recipe in stead, seems like it might cook up a little better.  Mine kind of fell apart when I tried to flip it. It tasted pretty good though. I just needed something different besides eggs.

Meal 2- spinach salad with strawberries, oranges, chicken salad (chicken mixed with avacado, lime juice and s/p) on top.

*I had a couple spoonfuls of coconut manna this afternoon.  I gotta stop with that stuff. :)

Meal 3- Salad with ham, olives, peppers and lemon juice on top.

I'm feeling good but I don't really feel like it's anything exactly "magical" yet. My face started breaking out again too.  :( I'm still really tired in the afternoons. But, I'm still hanging in there.

I've been under a bit of stress that last couple days, so not sure if that plays a role somewhere.

Day 16 4/16/13

Meal 1- scrambled eggs and sweet potato

Meal 2- Salad, with romaine lettuce, chicken, avacado, olives, tomato and lemon juice, s/p

Meal 3- "Naked" hamburger :) Just the burger with lettuce and avacado on top and I had a side of broccoli

I was still feeling hungry tonight, I know my lunch could have been bigger, I was really hungry by dinner time.  I had a bit of a headache after dinner and blurry vision with yellow spots in my eyes...hard to explain.  That's happened to me a lot just not in a while.

So, I had an apple with almond butter later on. My favorite almond butter is the creamy "kettle" brand.  I get it at my local Smiths.  The only ingredients is Almonds and salt and it is pretty runny and spreads really easy and tastes fantastic!! I probably shouldn't have had this so late at night, but I did :) and it was delicious!!

Day 17 4/17/13

Pre- workout- I ended up having a banana before my workout.  The program says a protein and/or healthy fat would be best.  But, somedays that just might not happen :)

Breakfast- I made the pancake again!! I know!! No paleofying foods for the whole30. But, I just still wanted something different besides eggs and I wanted to try the different pancake recipe.  It is all approved ingredients so I think it's still ok.

  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons full fat coconut milk
  • ½ mashed ripe banana (about 2 tablespoons)
  • ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1½ tablespoons of organic coconut flour
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 small pinch of salt
  • ghee or coconut oil (for frying)
I blended it all together in a blender.  It turned out really good.  Much better texture than the one yesterday.  I topped it with Coconut Manna and berries....Yum!!  I'll try to do this only on occasion, but I don't's so good, I may have to do it again tomorrow :)

Lunch- 3 Salmon patties and brocolli.  I also had a "cashew cookie" LaraBar....Love them!

*spoonful cocnut manna :) I needed something!!

Dinner- Orange Chicken and mashed cauliflower "potatoes" 
(for the Orange Chicken- I used about 2 lbs chicken, juice from 3 oranges, a little zest from 1 orange, 3 TBS coconut oil, 2 tsp ginger, 1/4 cup coconut aminos, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 3 tsp minced garlic.  I cooked the chicken in coconut oil until cooked through.  I then cut into 1 inch pieces while cooking.  I then mixed the ingredients for the sauce together and put in microwave for a few seconds to melt the coconut oil a bit.  I poured the sauce over the chicken cooking.  Cooked on low-med heat for a few minutes while stirring just to let the flavor get into the meat a bit.  I then turned the heat on High to really thicken up the "sauce" and brown the meat good with the sauce, stirring constantly. I cooked up pretty fast and had a good flavor.)  

I felt tired all day.  I still haven't been getting the best sleep, or I guess not going to bed early enough.  So, maybe that's what I need, a good night sleep.  Just been under some stress and things.  I just need energy.  I did feel great in my workout though.  Did Les Mills Pump and Burn.  Didn't really feel like working out, but I did anyway....and during I felt great! I don't have any bloating, cravings...unless it's coconut manna or larabars :) I still can't believe I can go so long between meals.  My clothes are fitting great, some are too loose.  I just need the energy and I'll be set! :)

Day 18- 4/18/13

Meal 1- cocnut cinnamon pancake again!! So good! I should just do this just once a week though :/ I spreaded coconut manna and berries on top.

Meal 2-  Four small leftover salmon patties, artichoke hearts.  With a side of honeydew melon and I also had a bit of carrots dipped in quacamole. (just used avocados, a bit of lemon juice, salt/pepper and garlic powder and mashed it all up)  Yummy!! I'm stuffed but feel really snacky today, but I know it's not because I'm hungry, I'm stuffed! I just want something.  I get this way when I'm tired or depressed.  I just want to sit and eat and do nothing.  But, I have too much to do so I can't!

*I ended up having 2 Lara bars!!!! Oh man! I am definitly a stress/emotional eater and I just feel like I need to eat when I'm in those moods! I have to learn to fight that. Lara Bars are dangerous for me.  I could eat a bunch of them in one sitting.  So, I may not have any more for the rest of my Whole30.

Meal 3- Steak and left over Mashed Cauliflower "potatoes." About 1/2 cup of Cinnamon Coconut Flakes for a little treat. 

Feel tired today, my eyes just want to close!! And since I've been making paleo pancakes and eating too many LaraBars this post is helpful in why you shouldn't do that during the Whole30 experience. I need to train my brain better and not give into cravings.

Day 19- 4/19/13

Did a Les Mills Flow (yoga) workout and Hard Core Abs followed by a quick Tabata WOD. I felt great!  I didn't feel like eating much before working out which is really un like me and I had plenty of energy for my workout.

Meal 1- 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, about 1/2 sweet potato, cubed, fried in coconut oil, along with a side of strawberries and blackberries w/ coconut flakes on top.  In the book it says as many eggs as you can hold in your hand is probably the portion you should have. :)

Meal 2- romaine lettuce and spinach leaves with leftover orange chicken, avacados, olives and almond flakes on top. Tasted good! I then had a bit of guacamole and carrots and a few olives.

Meal 3

So, I stopped writing it down after this day and I started snacking too much on Lara Bars and coconut manna.  :) I was snacking even though I wasn't really hungry.  I started to let food control me again. I did really well the first 2 weeks and then after that I didn't do as well, but still felt great!
I bombed at the end of Day 22 and started completely over the next day!! I'll be sure to check back in when I finish my 2nd attempt to the Whole30!! I will finish it this time. But, overall....  I went 22 days, eating completely healthy, in those 22 days I lost 5 lbs (I originally lost 7 lbs the first week...then I started working out again and my stomach began to be noticebly flatter and then I started snacking a bunch
:( and had an indulgent meal and treats day 22 and the next day I weighed myself) So, I'm still 5 lbs lighter than what I started.  I had the little slip and then went right back into it the next day.  I feel great eating this way.  It's becoming more of a lifestyle for me, so a little slip is okay.  But, I really want to go a full 30 days and add stuff back in like the book says and be able to eat Intuitively from then on.  Still have a lot to learn about cravings and snacking when I'm not even hungry.

So, here goes my 2nd attempt to Whole30 April 23- May 22, 2013

Starting up again

Week 2 recap

Whole 30 Complete!

Whole30 Reintroduction

I made it!! I loved every minute of it.  I love this way of eating.  It is what works best for me! I plan to continue on this way for the most part. 

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