Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whole 30- Week 1

Monday I started the Whole30 from  My first week went pretty well.  I don't feel deprived.  I'm loving all the food I've been eating.  One thing you have to be when trying to eat healthy is open minded and not afraid to try new things.  I've been very open minded the last few months and have learned to love Avacados, peppers, spinach....and more.  This week I also learned to love sweet potatoes which I have never liked.  I love that I feel in control and that I am only giving my body good stuff and nothing else.  It feels great!  And on top of that I lost 7 lbs this week!!  I'm not really in it to only lose weight, but it definitely is one of the reasons because I want to lower my body fat % and make sure I don't lose muscle. So that feels good to know that it's working. When you are eating this way it also ensures that you are losing FAT and not muscle. You aren't suppose to weigh yourself besides the 1st day and the last, so I gotta put the scale away until Day 30 now. :) Still can't wait to get past this first week and into the next couple.  Most people that have tried the whole30 say that the 3rd week or so is when they started seeing improvements in their health.  I mean big improvements. Not just their skin, allergies, their energy, they gym performance, but bigger health imrpovements as well.  Those that have Diabetes, Arthritis, PCOS or Celiac Disease among many other things, they have seen a big improvement! That is amazing!  If you have never really thought about it before now....everything really does come down to the food you eat!! You can change your life just by the way you eat!! Believe it, it's true! This can help children as well, their allergies, ADHD, etc. Isn't it amazing that we can heal ourself with food.  You can see a bunch of testimonials HERE and various diseases that you can improve by following the Whole30 guidelines.  I know it's only my first week, but so far I would recommend this to anybody and everybody. I started reading the book "It's starts with food." It explains A LOT of why the whole30 guidelines are the way they are and explains everything that you should do.  It's amazing!

                             These aren't the pretties meals :) but just a couple things I ate this week.  

I haven't craved anything.  Sweets taste sweeter, veggies taste awesome.  It's good wholesome food that we were meant to eat.  My family has had sweets all around me this week, we even went out to eat and I still stuck to it.  Yay! On to week 2....

If you want to see a more detailed log of exactly what I ate everyday and how I was feeling you can check out My Whole30 log.

You can also join our Facebook Whole30 group for more great info and support if you'd like to join us.  Start anytime.

Also, see our Whole30 Pinterest board.
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I feel like it's my duty to help YOU get healthy which in turn helps me too! :)

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