Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whole30- Week 2 Recap

Well, I'm just finishing up Week 2!! It's been Awesome so far.  I love all the food I've been eating and I love the changes I'm seeing in my body.  I'm starting to feel really good.  I don't have any Hypoglycemia symptoms anymore and I've been able to go a while between meals.  I never ever would be able to do that before this. I love that I feel so great after a meal.  Everything I am eating is so good for me. I don't have any cravings anymore.  I haven't since day 1. So, it's going great. Most of my meals have been pretty simple, I've tried not to make it too complicated and my family pretty much eats what I eat for dinner, sometimes they have different sides than I do, but so far so good with the family. Here are a few of the things I have eaten this week. :)
Yummy Fruit bowl.  I usually do a mix of Strawberry, blackberries, kiwi, bananas and coconut flakes or nuts on top.

Egg Muffins.  I made them with spinach, sausage and egg.  My whole family scarfed these down.  I had to make a couple dozen.  

Soup- chicken, celery, carrot, onion, chicken broth and seasonings like garlic powder, onion salt, salt/pepper.  I just kept throwing seasonings in until it tasted good :)

Coconut Chicken w/ Artichoke hearts and brocolli, two of my favorite veggies :)

Spinach/Strawberry Salad with a side of leftover Pork Roast.  Yum!

Breakfast- 2 Fried eggs, Sweet potato and fruit

Salmon Patties with a side of brocolli and avacado
This is starting to feel like a really normal way of eating for me.  It's just something that is really working for me.  So, I'm loving it.  I even ate out A LOT this week and I still was able to stick to the plan.  So, it's great to know that it can be done.  I'm thinking more of the foods I am eating as only good fuel to put in my body.  I am enjoying it too though.  I can tell a difference in my mood.  I'm just happy and upbeat.  I feel like my clothes are fitting great. And I just feel an overall good mood boost.  I still get super tired in the late afternoons/evenings.  But, other than that everything has improved.

Week 2 has been a success! Yay!
If you want to see a more detailed log of exactly what I ate everyday and how I was feeling you can check out My Whole30 log. 

You can also join our Facebook Whole30 group for more great info and support if you'd like to join us.  Start anytime, somebody new seems to be starting all the time.

Also, see our Whole30 Pinterest board.
As always you can follow me on Facebook too :)

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