Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tin Can Goodie Gift

So for Teacher Appreciation Week I made these for my girls' teachers.  They helped fill it up with candy.  It was super easy and I think they turned out pretty cute for a teacher appreciation gift.  I had seen something like this before and wanted to try it out.  I saw this tuturial over on Our Best Bites. You can print out the printables from over there for Teachers and Mothers day, or make your own printables using the same kind of idea for a gift for anybody.  I think they would work great for Visiting teaching too.

  I made them like this for Mothers Day for my mom and mother in law.  I also made a cute little tin filled with magnets using my kids' faces.  Sorry, no pic of the magnets, but seeing the magnets on my Moms fridge the other day made me realize I should have made some for myself.  Their little faces on the fridge magnets just looked so darn cute! :)
My Mother in law still couldn't figure out how I got the candy inside because it was still sealed...she thought I ordered it from somewhere....haha, I'm pretty sure she has figured it out now...I think :) Pretty cool idea!! You can do so many things with the tin can idea.  Have fun and experiment.  Such a fun and easy gift for anybody!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Love is in the Air....

My hubby and I just celebrated our 10th Anniversary. Woot Woot!! We didn't go on an amazing trip or anything like that.  We almost weren't able to spend the day together just us, but thankfully we were able to a couple days after the official day.  We had an amazing time at the St. George Temple, and then who wouldn't love Texas Roadhouse, browsing through stores without the kids, and then some Cold Stone!!!  We don't ever get to spend that much time together just me and him and it was great.  I was sooooo stuffed after Texas Roadhouse....LOL, but I just had to have me some Cold Stone....that was the original plan of course so we had to stick to it. :)  I got a couple delicious bites and couldn't fit in any more!!  He couldn't either, but those bites were oh so good as always!!  He got me a New Rose Bush and a lovely "Pink Lemonade" Lemon Tree that I can't wait to plant and just hope hope hope that I don't kill it!!! I want to be a great Gardner to badly and fix up our yard....but anything I plant my yard!!

Anyway, relationships are so important to me.  I know how important it is to spend quality time together and talk to each other.  I had it in the plans to make a little "love notes" journal.  He wasn't too excited about the idea....{he's such a guys guy...haha} but I know now that I. AM. MAKING. this and hope we can keep it up and I think it will be amazing to look back on one day.  Check out this great Love Journal idea over on the Dating Divas.  I just the ideas they have over there to strengthen and keep your relationships going strong.  Take the time for your loved ones.  It's so important.


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