Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to stop your kids from eating TOO MUCH CANDY!

My kids got a haul from Halloween!  They start eating it and they are like "Mom, stop rolling your eyes." Because...I am....rolling my eyes. Hahah.  Way too much candy around here.  Then, today we had our Veterans Day parade and they got more bags full of candy.  What to do with all this candy??  When I was younger (my mom can attest to this) I literally still had my bag full of candy clear until the next Halloween, I just wasn't into it that much, it made me sick.  Now, I'm thinking it probably had something to do with my Hypoglycemia.  If I eat too much candy I don't feel good at all, shaky, hot sweats, ready to pass out.  So, even as a child I realized how it made me feel and I didn't really care for it. Now don't get me wrong I do love my sweets, chocolate...yum! Sometimes you just don't care how it makes you feel, who cares if my eyes are starting to get blurry and my heart is racing.  Ya, that's literally what happens to me.  But, that is the power and danger of sugar.  You'll eat it no matter what it does, right!!? I wish I was as smart and not so tempted by it just as I was as a kid.  But, not so much luck. :) 

So, how can I get my kids to stop?? 

The Switch Witch is always helpful
Or take a look at this.....
I showed this too my kids and they were like "hurry, turn it off!!"  haha.  Really...this is sad & gross.  
But Maybe THIS MOM has the right idea, maybe this will fix my kids of their candy habit. 
Or....Maybe not, but it's worth a try! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

TurboFire Sale is BACK!!

TURBO FIRE Went on sale Wednesday and it didn't last long, they were out.  But, it must have been a craze and it's in such high demand, so IT'S BACK! If you are sad that you missed it, this is an amazing deal.  This includes the 4 advanced DVDs which are $60 alone.  You get the normal set which is normally $120 plus the advanced DVDs for only $53 total!!! The sale ends when supplies run out so get it NOW!!
Sale starts Friday, Nov. 2, 9 am PST. Click Here to purchase!
(It will show the normal price until after 9 am PST)

Get a jump start on those New Years Goals!!


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