Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where do I begin?? {& Natural Skin Care}

A lot has been going on lately, between studying for my Personal Training Cert {have my test in a couple weeks...yikes}, studying for the Fitness Nutrition Cert, Studying the CrossFit manual, Planning Music lesson plans with the School year about to start {I teach 8 different classes every week}, planning my own meals and family meals, getting the kids ready for back to school....It can all be very overwhelming!  I wish I could just focus on one thing at a time. :/

I've been sticking to eating Paleo and started Crossfit the beginning of August. I'm loving it! I feel like I'm getting stronger and I feel great! I've been really paying close attention to what I put into my body with also trying to up my Carbs to help my performance and paying closer attention to my macros.  I don't love to keep track of macro percentages.  But, I want to really be strict with it for a while to see if I notice any progress. I get my good carbs from a lot of sweet potatoes, zuchinni squash, bananas and other fruits and veggies. Can't wait to show my progress with CrossFit and Paleo!

 I'm also trying to repair my digestive system and clear up my skin.  What you eat will surely show it's self through your skin.  I've had skin issues since college.  Now that I think about it I ate so horribly during college, Dairy Queen a few times a week, late night Denny's runs.  Oh wow! What was I thinking?! Not only did I gain Freshmen 30, but that is when my skin began to break out bad! {That's been almost 15 years ago} On top of that I have sensitive skin so any break out would also leave behind scar marks. :( So, I feel like ever since then I've continued to have issues with getting my skin clear.  Now I for sure know it has to do with my diet.  I believe I am allergic or have a sensitivity to dairy and Wheat.  I will have further allergy testing and labs done this week to see if any of that is shown. But, anytime I eat Dairy my skin breaks out! :( For over a year now I started trying the Oil cleansing method as a cleansing routine on my face.  I only stuck to it for a few days at a time and then I stopped.  I started and stopped that a couple times until I started it again over a month ago I have stuck to it.  I have just been using Coconut Oil, haven't tried any combinations yet.  I love it! I love the coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.  It's great quality.  I use it to cook with and also to wash my face with. :) Ive been looking into the Skintervention Guide for a couple weeks now.  I will definitely try that in the near future.  Can't wait to get it and try it out! This is also a method and the oils that an online friend of mine does, may be worth a try too. she has also since started the Skintervention guide and says she loves it! So, I'm really excited to try it soon!  The most important thing to do when starting the Oil Cleansing Method is to stick with it.  It may seem crazy the first week or so and it might get a little worse before it gets better (that's why I didn't stick with it to begin with), but keep doing it and you will see great results!
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Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method? You can also swish with Coconut Oil every morning.  It's called "oil pulling."  I do this but not religiously. It's great for Oral Health and Detoxification. Search it on Pinterest and you will find all kinds of stuff. I love Coconut Oil! :)

Oil pulling. want to do this with coconut oil!


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