Sunday, February 8, 2015

My health journal update

{I like to record my progress for my own journaling so I can keep track}

They say it will take 1 month for every year it took you to get sick to get better. Well, then it still might be a while for me. I definitely have had a lot more good days then bad days lately though. Still the bad days are bad, very fatigue, headaches, blurry vision. I've been able to completely control my hypoglycemia which is awesome. I use to have severe symptoms everyday and not anymore. I do feel more energy than I use to...most days anyway. But, when I start seeing that light at the end of the tunnel I almost immediately get excited to just get back to normal and it just doesn't happen, so then I get a little disappointed. I still have to be very strict in my eating. No eggs, no dairy, no oats, no corn, no gluten, no soy, no peanuts, no rice....{I have been able to have small amounts of white rice which tastes super yummy}, I love brown rice but very hard to digest, no sugar...small amounts of pure maple syrup or honey, {coconut sugar makes me sick}. I can tolerate small amount of beef and pork. I mostly still eat turkey or chicken. I can tolerate small amounts of beans but I don't eat them much at all, although it would be another good protein source since I don't have many options. But, they don't make me feel the greatest so I just stay away for the most part. I really miss eggs a lot, it's very hard to bake gluten free breads and other recipes without them. Plus it's such a great protein and I'm trying to be able to get more protein in my diet because it helps me so much. But, darn eggs make me sooooo sick, nauseous, fatigue, headache...they are the one food that makes me mostly nauseous more than anything else. I'm not on a ton of pills or creams anymore....yay! I just take fish oil, probiotics and repairvit for the healing of my gut. I definitely need to be more consistent, somehow I started slacking off.

I've begun working out again, after a long 9 month break because my body literally couldn't do it.  I started out slowly just doing simple movements, going at my own pace, taking it somewhat easy. I could definitely feel overtime how the energy came a little more and more. I have since started a good lifting regimine and feeling great. After 3 weeks working out 4 days a week plus 3 nights teaching fitness class a week I can see how I might need to not push so body is really tired at this point. Today I'm completely drained. Life stresses are also hard to deal with. Too many stresses on my body with food, exercise, stresses of life and my adrenals get over worked and eventually break down again little by little. It's been a tough week so I can feel it completely crashing my body. I got so excited to exercise and be back to where I was, but I may need to take it a little easier for a bit longer. :( Not what I want to do. Exercising again feels so good to me. I love it! It makes my mood feel good and my body feel strong, until it comes crashing down when too much is put on it.

The most frustrating part of it all is diet. Diet will make or break me. One small taste of anything that I shouldn't have and it's a wrecking ball. I have slacked a little lately having rice chips or flavored rice cakes. But, I know the other ingredients in them are making me sick. I can feel it. I've also had a few kind bars. Not bad bars but the brown rice syrup and other sweeteners in them make me sick. So disappointing, I just need a little something once in a while but even the "not so bad snacks" is bad for me!

Last night I had the worst stomach pain in my right side. It lasted for about 2 hours. Stabbing pain and it hurt to even breath. The pain would sometimes run all the way up to my collar bone on the right side. Crazy pain! Soon I found a comfortable position just lying flat on my back and it went away. Not sure what that was. I've actually had that a couple times before but didn't seem to last that long and I didn't eat anything bad that day. Not sure what it means....gall bladder maybe??


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