Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whole 30- Week 3 Recap and a BIG OOPS...Do over!!

Week 3 started to be a little tougher for me for some reason.  I was a little stressed that week (last week) and I just started feeling like I "needed" a treat!! That's how I work as most people probably do.  When I'm stressed, when I'm tired, when I'm sad or anything....I just want a TREAT!! Isn't that how we are trained as little kids.  Treats are a reward.  We get treats when we are sad or scared or when we do a good job at something, etc. It's a super hard thing to try NOT to reward your kids and yourself with treats!  It almost ruins us for life.  We can't think of food in the right way! Crazy! So, I started snacking on Lara Bars more, or my Coconut Manna more....mmmmm....both so good, pretty healthy and Whole30 approved in a way!  But, the point is, I wasn't eating them because I was hungry.  I was eating them because I was trying to feed my emotions!! Then, I kept on eating them, eating them..... obviously it wasn't working to feed my emotions. That is one thing I need to work on, learning to cope in a different way other than with food!  But, otherwise before realizing I was eating too much and I really wan't hungry....I was feeling great.  No more foggy head, headaches, anything.  Feeling pretty good, still getting tired in the afternoons.  But, lots of improvements otherwise.....until the big OOPS HAPPENED!! Read on....

But first, these are a few things I cooked this week :)

Orange Chicken and mashed cauliflower (I promise I'll start creating recipe posts with all these things soon)

You aren't really suppose to "Paleofy" foods into a treat during the whole30, but I was getting so sick of eggs so I tried something different for Breakfast.  It was soooo good! But, this actually set me off to want more treats, so it might be a no-no for me. 
Paleo Pancakes with Coconut Manna spread on top with strawberries and blackberries.Mmmmm! So Good!! My mouth is watering right now!

This is just a quick salad.  I have pretty much been eating different salads for lunch all week.  This is spinach leaves with grilled chicken, avacado, mandarin oranges and almond slices.  

So, I finished up Week 3 and started on Week 4 Monday.  Week 4 and on Day 22...almonst done with the 30 days!!! Guess what happened?! In the evening of Day 22 I totally slipped...on purpose, something snapped in me and I just started eating...I thought who cares, why not...it seriously felt like the Devil himself tempting me with food...haha.  That night (last night) I ended up eating tacos from the newly opened taco bell in our town, icecream from DQ, pretzels, granola...random things! And you know what....none of them even tasted super great to be quitting for!!! Nothing ever tastes as good as Healthy feels!!! It's never worth it!

But, I am human...food controls me. But, I will show that I can be in control from now on!! I started fresh and new with a new Whole30 starting today!! So, back to square one, I'm on Day 1!! Can you believe it, I was sooo close.  For some reason I always sabotage myself.  I know I can do this.  Why do I sabotage myself!! I want to do this for my health and because I felt AWESOME!!! And because to be the fittest I can and reach my goals I need to do this! I believe in this way of eating...I believe in it for fat loss and helping with ailments and diseases and it has already helped me in a lot of ways, including that I started having no hypoglycemia symptoms whatsoever and was able to go more than 2 hours without eating and being controlled by food!!!  I was trying to think about when to start up again and thinking about my upcoming anniversary and different things....but I realized this makes me happy and I want to be healthy...I don't need to wait, there is no reason to wait.  So, I slipped...but I decided to not make any excuses. I got right back up!! You can too!! We all fall.  Just get back up, don't look back, only forward!! You can do whatever you have your sights on!

I have an amazing group of women all doing the same thing and I could not do this without them and their support...we are all supporting each other!!

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