Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lake to Lake Relay, March 2013

March 2, 2013 me and a few of my favorite people did a 50 mile relay from Gunlock resevoire to Sand Hallow resevoire in St. George, Utah. My sister, mother in law, sister in law and best friend decided to do this just a couple months before.  After looking at the race map of each leg we then realized we were CRAZY!! I talked my sister and friend into doing it.  My friend had never done an event at all and although looks so fit and skinny as a string bean had just started exercising consistently last fall.  She adapted to running quite well and is a speedster!! For years she told me how she HATES exercise!! After doing this as her first big event I don't think she will ever stop! It's addicting once you start doing events! :) My sister who has been running now for a few months told me she will just stick with 5k's and never wants to do anything else.  She told me she likes to do races though because it keeps her working toward something.  So, when I called her up to see if she wanted to do this she about freaked that she would have to do about 5 or 6 miles TWICE in one day. :)

Ya, we might be crazy!! Go Muffin Tops! :)

So, training was going well.  I was getting up there in my miles, running 5 miles consistently 2 or 3 times per week.  On top of that I was doing a boxing program and weight training.  Working out for a couple hours 6 days a week.  I felt great! But, soon realized I had taken it too far when just 4 days before the race I hurt my hamstring.  I could hardly walk.  I did a split run that day just to see how I would feel doing 2 runs in a day (because each person on our team would have to do 2 legs each).  I wanted to see if I could do it and how I felt.  My hamstring didn't feel that great while running, it felt very tight and strained a little, but felt okay on the 2nd run of my split runs that day.  I then stretched good when I got home, but then sat for a few minutes.  When I went to get up I realized that I couldn't walk and something was wrong!!! :( so, so, sad....I wanted to cry....and did cry for the next couple days! I didn't know what to do.  I didn't want to quit on my team, after all I was the one who talked a few of them into doing it, plus I really was looking forward to this.  

My husband gave me a priesthood blessing the next day and said I would be able to accomplish my goal and finish the race and I just need to learn to not be so hard on myself and be smarter with how I push myself with excercise. I was expecting to miraculously feel 100% better the next day and still...I was limping.  I was getting mad at him thinking "how can you tell me I can finish this and I can barely walk." It was for sure a test of faith for me.  I went to physical therapy 2 days before the race and got taped up and stretched and he said I could probably do this, but it won't be easy and I might have to come see him after it's over! :) He said it won't do any more damage than is already done. So, I had to just do it! Injuries are so devastating!

I didn't try to run again until right here a couple days later.......on My first leg.....

my hamstring was all wrapped up and ready to go...I guess! sister was excited to finish her 1st leg, the longest she had ever run...6 miles!!
I'm thinking...ouch, eeekkk!! I tried to take it a little easy, not worrying about time...just finishing!
 Some good up hills were killer!!

Finishing up my first leg, it was 4.09 miles, difficulty 7 out of 10
Hamstring hurt the first 2 miles and then was warm and...uh Numb! After that I stretched and iced until my 2nd leg.
You got love a few crazies along the way! :)
Here I go...the last leg of the day!! Leg #10, 7.09 miles, difficulty 8 out of 10.  

Again, my hamstring hurt for the first couple miles and then after that almost felt numb!! I was going at a steady pace.  It was soooo hot coming around the resevoir, the sun was blazing on my face and I was starting to feel dehydrated towards the end, getting cold sweats and dizzy.  I just kept thinking..."I have to finish, I'm almost there!!"

My team saw me coming and ran with me into the finish line!! So Awesome!! Tears were coming down! I was so glad I was done and that we did it!!!

We all did something that we never thought we could do.  We all did longer distances than we had ever done!! It was a great day!! 50 miles!!
We worked hard for these medals! :)

I ran a total of 11.18 miles that day. So, hamstring has been hurt ever since, I'm slowly getting back into exercise and I think I'm now ready to try running again!! I hope I can get back to where I was injury free!!

You can do more than you think you can, you just need to believe that you can!! 

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