Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whole 30- Week 2 {take 2}

 Since starting my 2nd Whole30 I never had to go through any of the symptoms really like I did the first time around like the brain fog and hypoglycemic symptoms. I think my body had pretty much gotten rid of the junk and since I started right back up the next day it wasn't bad at all besides the one day after my slip up. I still don't have the energy like I want.  I'm just marking the whole month of May as my 30. So, today would be considered Day 14 (just ending week 2 and heading into week 3...wow it's gone fast).  I'm hoping the energy and good sleep will come. I don't feel refreshed like they say should happen yet.  But, I do feel healthier and good otherwise. I can see changes in my body and my clothes are loose. The most important thing to me is being healthy on the inside and being able to fuel my workouts. But seeing the good changes in my body is Awesome because it is also leading me toward my goals of being more toned, etc. I am able to do my workouts in the morning but the rest of the day I do still feel tired. 
I did get sick last Saturday from a bug that my kids have had and I really haven't felt good since then. :( Hopefully it all passes and I can get back to normal. Boo for the sickies!! But, oh well..it happens.

I'm proud of myself for making it through "Mothers Day" and some other activities and family get togethers and still staying comliant. 

These are a few things I had this week. Pretty basic...maybe this next week I'll revamp my meals a little bit more....or not. I don't mind keeping it simple and repeating some things.  I also made a few more treats this week :) Sometimes making treats can lead to wanting more treats....maybe that's what happened this week, I did make more "treats" than usual. But, still all approved and healthy ingredients. 
I'm having a lot more sweet potatoes in the morning and instead of just dicing them up and frying them I've also started to like them baked (or microwaved- usually what happens since I want to be fast in the morning).
I like them with clarified butter and cinnamon.  When I ran out of my homemade clarified butter I tried coconut manna on them and cinnamon.  I could eat anything with coconut manna on it...haha.  So good!! A little dry, but good!

I saw a Plantain...banana thing at the store and bought one.  I sliced it up and fried it in coconut oil then put coconut manna, cinnamon and coconut flakes on top.  It was pretty good.  I probably won't make it again, but it was good to try.

One of my favorite things lately is the "Naked burger." This time I grilled up some sweet red and orange peppers in olive oil & salt/pepper and added it to my Hamburger along with a little avacado, pickles and lettuce.  So Good!! I love this!!

Then, You might have seen my Homemade Cookie Dough Icecream.  It was good and a fun thing to have on a Friday Night with my Girls.
Maybe I'll try not to have too many treats this week though. :)

I have a busy week wrapping up my last music classes for the School year and getting ready for my Recital this week, then it's off to a music training along with a little getaway with the hubby for our anniversary.  Hopefully the sickies completely go away. After that it's study, study, study for my PT certification!! Yay!! I have a lot more studying to do and a little amount of time.

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