Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's the verdict? Whole30- Reintroduction

The last 3 weeks now I have been introducing some foods back into my diet.  After going for almost 2 months without Sugar, Dairy, Legumes & Grains I was curious to add them back in one at a time to see what would happen.  

I first tried Dairy.  Greek yogurt actually tastes ok to me without anything in it.  Normally I would have added some honey or stevia to it.  But, it tasted fine without it. But, still not my favorite.  I could live without it. I tried some cheddar cheese on my salad and it tasted so gross.  What? I use to love Cheese.  As a child my favorite snack was cheese.  No wonder why I always had a stomache ache. :) I also had a glass of milk. Wow, almost instantly I began to bloat and I had the worst stomache ache!! Dairy causes me gas, bloating and stomache pains. :( No good! Not sure if the yogurt and maybe cottage cheese would absorb differently than say a glass of milk would.  But, I also tried some whey protein and it did the same thing to me.  Tried some icecream too and I did not feel good after.  Also, could be the sugar. Dairy also causes me to breakout.  I feel like I have had skin issues for years and I'm almost positive now that it's from the foods I have been eating. Besides Ice cream I will not miss Dairy at all.  I'm sure I will have ice cream every once in a while from now on, but I know I won't feel good afterwards.  So, not sure if it will be worth it. :/

I tried grains and also gluten free grains and about 10 minutes after I felt so wiped out.  They drained me and I instantly felt sleepy.  I also had a stomache ache.  I couldn't tell much of a difference between the gluten and gluten free grains.  I may try to stick with gluten free grains for a while and see if I feel good or not.  The only things I really would want to have is Brown rice and Gluten free oats especially for baking.  We will see.
For info on what has gluten and what's gluten free this is a great source.


Sugar gives me a huge headache, brings on the Hypoglycemia symptoms and makes my tummy feel sick!! It also causes me to want more and more even though I feel sick after.  It's an bad.  Now I'm at the point where I feel like I can't stop...but I will! Although it's super hard.  I'm afraid that once I go back to the Whole30 way of eating that I won't ever be able have sweets because I won't be able to control myself.  But, we will see. I think having them once in a while in moderation and only when it's something I really like, then I would want it.  But, I want to feel in control!! It's a work in progress.


I tried some Legumes like peanuts, peanut butter and black beans.  I think by this point I was already a mess from everything else.  Even though I spaced this all out trying a little here and a little there for about a week or more.  I still felt like since I was such a mess from a combination from everything that I tried I'm not really sure if the Legumes phased me or not. I may try them again later.  But, honestly after trying peanut butter....I realized I didn't even miss it like I thought I would.  I tried some of my homemade peanut butter and I didin't even have to add honey to it like I normally would.  It tasted fine without it.  But, I realized I like Almond Butter way more.  Weird, I know! I'm normally a Peanut butter girl.

*After reintroducing things back in for a little over a week I then went to camp.  We had amazing cooks that made all of our meals and snacks.  I did have a great time, but ate everything they gave us.  I didn't bring any of my own food and I didn't want to be a pain for them and not eat the food they made us.  And I ate every meal and every yummy snack they gave us.  I admit it was sooooo yummy! I did go a little crazy! I figured I was eating "dirty" all week, I might as well make the most of it...haha. But, I felt sick all week long!  My stomache constantly hurt, constipation, bloating and such major pains that I almost couldn't move...sorry TMI, but it was not good.  I felt so sluggish and tired.  This is a Testament to me that my Body Loves the Whole30 way of eating.  I never knew my body could feel so good.  I am excited to get back to it and  I have got to kick these sugar cravings to the curb again!!

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