Friday, August 1, 2014

Why & SMARTER Goals!

What is your "Why" for wanting to get healthy? What is your "Why" for wanting to get in shape, eat healthy or lose weight? Is it to be an example to your kids and family? To get in a good habit for life long health? To fight off disease and be alive and well when you are in your 60's? Think of the big picture and keep that in your mind!!
If you haven't already I want you to write down your goals!! 
A SMARTER goal is:
*Specific- needs to be specific
*Measurable- something you can measure, that you can see improvement with. It doesn't always have to be lbs lost or inches, it can be improving in movements, being able to do 10 full pushups, etc. 
*Attainable- Attainable but aggressive.  Set your expectations high but be realistic for you. 
*Relevant- Needs to be relevant to what you are trying to accomplish, in this case with your Health & Fitness
*Time Specific- it helps to give yourself a date to work towards. I like doing 30 days at a time.
after 30 days (or however long you gave yourself)
*Evaluate- Take a step back & Evaluate how you did &...
*Revise- anything that needs to be revised. Correct course if need be and continue on with a new goal!

*Visualize yourself reaching your goal & making it to that finish line for that goal!! There is power in writing your goals down. Write it down and you will accomplish it!
*A good trick is to write it in first person.  Write it like you already accomplished it!
 *Your 30 day goal should follow the SMART goal guidelines.
 example- "It's August 30 and I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in my waist."
This is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time Specific.
 *Make a new 7 day goal each week that can be less specific. These are little goals that will help you make it to your big goal.
example- "I will keep my nutrition on track this week and workout at least 3 days."
 *Make a sticky note of your 30 day goal and put it somewhere you will see it everyday!! On your mirror, in your car, on your fridge...
 I encourage you to take some time and think about your goals and write them down!! This is an important step.

Share your goals with me to be accountable!!
This type of Goal setting can pertain to any part of your life!!
See your goals written, in ink on paper will have a powerful effect on your mind.

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