Monday, August 4, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- 8-4

Welcome to the Monthly Challenge!! If you did not fill out the form and want to be apart of the challenge go here to fill out the form. All those that joined has received Nutrition guidelines and food list via email. 
Somethings you may need for the workouts are: dumbbells up to 40 lbs extremely recommended, box or steps to jump on, jump rope, kettlebell, resistance band. If you don't have those things, no worries use what you have on hand and be creative in your movements. 

-Workout of the Day-

3 rounds for time
(preferrably heavier dumbbells, use jugs of milk if you have to ;))
15 Plank ups 
(up, up, down, down is 1 rep)(if you can't do these, hold a plank for atleast 45 seconds)
(regular lunges to modify- alternating legs each rep)

*record your time in the comments

Nutrition focus this week is to drink at least 64 oz of water. 
Drinking enough water is so important not only for your results, but for every part of your body... your organs, processing of your food, your biggest organ on your body- your skin, and soooo much more!!
Most people do not drink enough water. Sometimes when you feel hungry you might actually just be thirsty. Replace those sugary drinks and sodas with Water!!

If you are not taking a multi-vitamin I also want you to get on board with that. Over the counter vitamins usually just sit in your stomache and don't actually give you anything!! Bummer!
If you truly want vitamins and minerals from a supplement to fill in the gap of what you are not getting nutritionally I highly suggest Juice Plus+, a whole foods vitamin.
I don't put my name on a product or start using a product that I have not done the research on. You can walk into a whole foods store and find a whole foods vitamin, but what I love and trust about Juice Plus is all the resarch that backs it up! You can also sponsor a child up to 4 years with every purchase of an adult. Very cool! Very awesome company and product that truly shows results. Less sickness and better overall health! You can never get the amount of fruits and vegetables needed without it. 
I highly recommend you get on Juice Plus. Ships internationally too. Let me know if you have any questions about that. 

One more action step as we begin!!
Post your short term and long term goals in the comments!

You can do this!! I Believe in YOU!
Can't wait to see and hear about your results!

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