Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Determine your Heart Rate Zones for Max results!

Before you learn your "Target Heart Rate" and "Fat Burning Zone" you have to find your Maximum heart rate. To figure out your Maximum heart rate take 220 and minus your age. Everybody's max heart rate is different depending on your age. So. 220 - your age ______ = _______ your max heart rate.

The Fat burning zone is 65-75% of your mximum heart rate.  In this zone your body burns a higher percentage of calories from fat.  The idea is to burn as many calories as possible with the highest percentage of calories coming from fat.  That's ideal.

*To figure out the low end of your Fat Burning Zone you take your Max Heart rate number from above _____ x .65 (low end) = ______ (The low end heart rate of your Fat Burning Zone)

*To figure out the high end of your Fat Burning Zone you take your Max Heart rate number ______ x .75 = _______ (The high end of your "Fat Burning Zone")

For Example I would take 220- 33 (my age ;) and that = 187  (My Max Heart Rate)

187 x .65 = 121.55 (low end of fat burning zone)  187 x .75 = 140.25 (high end of fat burning zone)

So, during exercise if I stay in between aprox. 122 & 140 I know I'm in my "Fat Burning Zone" and the calories that I am burning are from fat.

If you want to work your heart and lungs, and are not as concerned about losing body fat, then you would want to exercise at 75-85% of your max heart rate. In this zone you burn more calories, but a lower percentage of calories from fat.  This is your Cardio Zone.

*low end of Cardio zone is your Max Heart Rate number ______ x .75 = ______ (the low end of your cardio zone)
*high end of Cardio zone is your Max Heart Rate number ______ x . 85= _______ (high end of your cardio zone)  If you stay in between those two numbers you are most likely burning a lot of calories, but less from fat.

Make sense? So If I'm in between 140 & 159 I am in my Cardio Zone. But, if I'm between 122 & 140 I'm in my "Fat Burning Zone."

That is why a lot of people like to where a Heart Rate Monitor while exercising.  Exercise and Nutrition really all comes down to science.  Do you wear a Heart Rate Monitor? Which one?

Around Christmas Time I was lucky enough to win a POLAR RCX3 from a giveaway on www.shrinkingjeans.net. So Cool!! I admit I haven't worn it much because I still need to figure out all the buttons and how to exactly use it...haha.  So, I really need to get to it!

Exercising in your "Zones" will help you reach the goals that you are looking for! :)

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