Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mom's Learning Circle- February addition =)

I had the lucky opportunity to meet with a wonderful group of women, to talk about motherhood and things to improve on, etc. Some of the women I only sorta know and some I don't know at all. I really hope to get to know them all much better! They are a great group and all inspiring!
I'm glad I wasn't the only one with a notebook that night, I'm such a list maker and note taker anyway, so I just had to take my notebook. I'll be taking it along with me to all our other gatherings as well.=) Such great advise and great ideas that I don't want to forget anything! =)
{A few random things I wrote down}
*Pray each day to see your children (or husband..whoever it may be) as the Savior does.
*The ordinary things in life, simple things your kids do, the simple things we seem to look over sometimes...they are a gift. Remember the gifts of an "Ordinary" day!
*When things get too hard, remember He is Laboring with us every day.
*Work on Balance*Work Smarter- be more efficient with my time in doing the things and getting the things done that need to get done...Be more effecient.
*Being a wife and mom is my JOB. Sometimes it may help to look at it like a real Job. Schedule things out, kids need that anyway. Schedule out activities you wanna do that week with the kids. Make a "Lesson Plan" like a teacher would do of your whole week.
*Respect the things your children wanna do. They feel like they have their own schedule too. {my example-They may want extra time in the tub that night just so they can play with that little boat toy that chugs around the tub when you turn its little motor wheel=)} Let them have that time, their important time.
*1 day a month or whatever it may need to be, have "Kid Day." They're so use to running here, running there, doing all the things you need to do. So, for one day a month all day you do what they want to do. Go to the Library, Go to the Park, Go have a picnic, go get icecream.... Whatever it may be, It's Kids Day!!
*2o minutes out of each hour focus your time on your kids. Play dolls with them, toss the ball back and forth, etc. Then the rest of that hour is yours to get things done (being effecient with your time of course ;). They feel happy because you gave them that time, they will be less likely to bug you when you are trying to finish those everyday tasks.
*Which do you say most often... "Good Job" or "Hurry Up"
*Let them enjoy themselves...jump in a mud puddle...etc. They are discovering, enjoying life, learning.
*Ask them, "What is something good you did today? What is something good you are going to do tomorrow?"
Don't forget to ask yourself that same question!***
Can't Wait for our March Learning Circle!
To learn More about Learning Circles go to The POWER of MOMS

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