Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*Our Family Board & Our Family System*

Okay....I am IN LOVE with OUR FAMILY BOARD project I just finished! WOOHOO!
I had so many ideas of what I wanted on this board, cause you know I LOVE organization and chore charts and behavior charts, etc, etc. So, I took my ideas to my sister and she helped me build it & bring my idea to life.
I just Love, love, love how it turned out!! These pics DO NOT do it justice... =)I have a section for each child, I made little chore magnet gems with pictures and words that they can move from "To Do" to "Done." Those are their everyday things that they need to do. I also have other gems that I can put on there for extra jobs for that day or saturday jobs, etc. The paper covered part is also a magnet board for extra jobs, school papers, b-day invites, etc. That is also where I put whose turn it is to have a Date with Mom or a Date with Dad. We switch between my hubby and I and between the kids each month. I made a special magnet for those.
Also, my smiley faces and sad faces you see is how it works:
I made the little Arrow magnets and it has each kids name on their own.
If they do something bad, not listening, hitting, etc. (whatever it may be) they get moved to the middle face (that is their warning). If they do something bad again they get moved to the Sad face and they go to TimeOut. They can also move back to the Middle (okay) face, then the Smiley Face by doing something good, in example: listening, picking up their toys, saying sorry etc.

At the End of the day if they did their Daily Chores They get 2 Point Cards (the ones with the Yellow Smiley Faces, they are worth 1 point each which it says on the back). They may get an extra point for extra jobs that they are given. If they end up on The Smiley face at the end of the day they also get 2 point cards. If they end up on the middle (okay face) they get 1 point card. If they did something extra special Mom or Dad may give them a Reward Card. (This has things like Stay up an extra 10 minutes at bed time, play the computer or video game for 30 minutes, it also says the point value of each reward, they can also buy a reward card if they have enough points, or they can save up their points to buy stuff in the family store that we have every other weekend. I got the original Reward Points Idea and Family Store idea Here
The top part of each childs section has plexiglass that you can use a dry erase marker to write messages and I put a cute picture of each kid from the month underneath. It just screws on and off so I can change out the picture whenever I want

We also give the kids an option between 3 point cards or 25 cents for doing chores each day {(they're young kids, they think 25 cents is awesome ;)} They put their money in their own individual piggy banks and once a month or every couple weeks we count up what they have and put 10% for tithing and they can put some in our big family jug for our family vacation if they would like, and they put the rest in their section of the Family Bank. Whatever money they earn from b-days, Grandpas and Grandmas or chores will eventually end up in the Family Bank and that is their money to save up or buy a little toy or treat, a jump rope from school, etc. When they want something we look to the family bank to see how much they have to spend. There is a section for each kid with their name and in the very front we keep tithing slips and envelopes.

I have thought about every detail of our family system and This board has every detail in it and keeps it all organized. It is quite big, It measures 28 inches (2 feet & 4 inches) from top to bottom and 53 inches (4 feet and 5 inches) across.
My sister made one with just 3 sections so it's a little shorter.
So, that is Our Family System and Our Family Board! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!!
I may revise it every now and again, but
I'm loving our board and our system & I know we will use it for years!!

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