Monday, July 8, 2013

Being my own detective- Whole foods Heal!

Lately I've really been trying to be my own body detective and figuring out my sysmptoms. I feel like I need to get to the botom of this.  It can get a bit frustrating. I know that I have a sensitivity in some way to grains and/or wheat.  I'm pretty postitive that I have reactive hypolygemia.  I have had that for years.  But, since I really started cleaning up my diet it has helped.  I still would get symptoms until I eliminated grains and sugar completely from my diet.  Not eating grains, sugar or dairy has helped me tremendously with symptoms.  Grains turns to sugar in the body so this might just have do to with the hypolgycemia why I have problems with grains.  But, I also notice that when I eat gluten free grains I feel better than when I eat other grains.  So, it also might be an issue with gluten.  I also get bloating, tingling in the hands, some stomache pains when I eat grains and/or gluten which are symptoms of I get the hypoglycemic symptoms (shaky, fatique, can't concentrate, super hungry, feel like I'm going to pass out, blurry vision, etc).  When I eat Dairy I breakout and I get bloated and have stomache pains.  I love icecream! So, it's hard not to have, but everytime I do, I breakout!! :( I have had bad breakouts for 10+ years now and now I finally realize that it has to do with processed foods and Dairy!! So, I might be allergic or just have a sensitivity to dairy. Might be interesting to find out for sure. Sugar is just plain bad of course because of the Hypoglycemia symptoms I get.  I have thought about getting tested for Celiac or gluten intolerance just to make sure.  But, nobody can tell me that I will feel better not eating it, because I already know!! Celiac is more than that though and can also affect your bones among other things, so it might be smart to be tested.  I have had my blood tested a few times but everything always comes back normal, but I do show my iron is low and a level on my kidneys is low and I'm pre PCOS. Does this all correlate??!!  It's all so confusing, frustrating, but interesting!!

When I was a kid I was tested for diabetes because I would get sick everytime I ate candy or soda or something like that.  I also had stomache aches all the time and I can guarantee I ate a lot of breads and CHEESE was my favorite thing! What in the's all making sense now.  I really would like to get to the bottom of it all.  But, what I do know is that staying away from sugar, processed foods, grains and dairy really makes me feel great!! If I do have any of those things I end up paying for it for sure!! Not sure it's worth it anymore.  Definitely hard to stay away long term, but worth it! That's why it would be good to know if staying away long term would really benefit my health.

Sorry for this boring post, but I find it quite interesting.  Others might be having some of these same problems and I believe it all comes down to food!! By eating Whole Foods you can heal your body!! Believe it!!

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