Monday, April 21, 2014

Adrenal Fatique & Leaky Gut

I've been seeing a functional Medicine and Hormone Specialist. My Thyroid is off a little. But, the main cause of all my problems is my Adrenal Glands.  I found out that I'm at Stage 7 of Adrenal Fatigue. So, that is the worse it can get. People at Stage 5 are bed ridden...and I'm at level 7!!! What the...What? No wonder I feel so crappy.  Along with all that I also have leaky gut which causes me a lot of food sensitivities. 

My body has been going through a lot with all of this.  Because of my Adrenals I can't lose weight even the clean way I eat and if I don't stay on the inflammatory diet I have even less energy than I already do. I have to eat every 2 hours (which I have dealt with since I was young) to keep my blood sugar up.  It drops easily and then tries to pull from my adrenals and there is nothing there to use for energy. Because I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure, always, and all miy other symptoms my doctor suspected Leaky gut and the adrenals, but after all the testing I'm glad to know for sure thats what it is so we can move forward. My Cortisol levels are extremely low to what they should be at every point of the day. My Adrenals are taxed!! My immune system is low also and the adrenals are also taking from my Progesterone to try and turn it into cortisol.  There is a lot of wackiness going on with me. Every part of the body has a funtion and when something is out of whack it effects everything else.  It's amazing how the body works. 

Being at a stage 7 it's going to take a lot of dedication on my part and it could be a long hard road. Hopefully I can prove the Doctor wrong with how long and hard it is!!! 
I will continue to do my part and I'm on day 25 of the anti-inflammatory diet. The last couple of days have been hard I just wanted a normal meal or chocolate!!  I finally got to introduce eggs!!! And.....
They made me SOOO nauseous!! Stomache cramps, dizziness, nauseous.  Leaky gut is crazy!!!
Until my Adrenals are healed my body & my gut won't effeciently heal itself in any other way.  So, I am on supplements to help with blood sugar regulation, to work with my gut a little bit, and a lot for the Adrenal Fatigue and to help my body use the cortisol that it does produce better and such.  Until the Adrenal glands are functioning it slows down the healing time of the other organs. Working with the Adrenal Glands will kind of help the organs but once the Adrenals are functioning we will do a lot with healing the gut more. Adding in anything that causes inflammation in my body will cause me to not feel good and be even more tired.  inflammation in the body causes tiredness.  So, that's exactly what happened with the eggs.  Once I balance out again in a couple days and feel a little better I then get to try tomatoes.  I'm really crossing my fingers for my Zuchinni Spaghetti.  Come on tomatoes work with me!!! I never thought I would be begging for tomatoes...haha! 

So, the things that are important for me to do is to take my supplements, eat every 2-2 1/2 hours to not stress out the adrenals even more and continue to eat on the anti-inflammatory diet. 

I will be journaling my journey because it helps me remember what the Doctor says and then I can also see my progress.  And if it helps anybody else out that's a plus! Nobody should have to live like this when there is something you can do about it.  I would suggest if your are having any type or hormone problems or symptoms that you see a hormone specialist & someone in functional medicine. I've been to quite a few doctors & a naturopath and they weren't able to help me much.  I helped myself tremendously with diet and already eliminated a lot of the inflammatory foods myself. If I hadn't I would probably be worse off. My Doctor now figured it out right a way! Thankful I found him!

Diet has a lot to do with how your body functions.  If you want to improve your health start with diet!!

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