Thursday, January 21, 2016

A little Story....This PLEXUS stuff really works!!

A little Story....ok a long story smile emoticon But bear with me....
Ok, I'm not even kidding. I usually hate different companies that try to sell me health and fitness products! All the different ads I've been seeing is like blah, blah, blah! No joke! 
But, as a Nutrition coach I know the importance of gut health! And I've experienced it first hand. I mean I've had gut issues my whole life, my digestion just never has worked well. I've gone through food sensitivities that led to leaky gut and severe adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, thyroid probs, joint pain, blurry vision, heart palpitations, nerve much more..and then found out about the gene mutation I had MTHFR which could also lead to those problems and many more that I was having. I've been through the ringer the last couple years especially. It has not been fun! It has sent me into a depression and no energy to function and not able to eat many foods. My body was just not working for me! I have taken many probiotics, gut healers and cleansers, of course multivitamins, things for adrenal fatigue, injections, things to help with many things! I have come along way with healing my body with foods! Recently, I was about out of probiotics and vitamins and as much as I didn't want to try Plexus for some reason one day I was checking out the ingredients. Ingredients are super important to me and I was pleasantly surprised that all these supplements were whole food supplements which is ideal. I was shocked and really liked that Plexus WAS NOT another stinkin' weight loss company to try and sell me a magic potion but a trusted company with important whole food supplements that everybody can benefit from but especially those with blood sugar problems, fatigue, achy joints, arthritis, thryoid problems, trouble losing weight, GI issues and so much more. Most people don't realize that our gut is considered our 2nd brain and really what we put into our bodies is super important. It has every effect on how our body functions. Most Americans have 80% bad yeast in their gut when really it should be 80% good yeast. Our diets are so poor causing all these problems and that needs to change. Quality supplements like probiotics, magnesium, vit c, antifungals, multivitamins and things are sooo important for our health. My food choices and smart exercise choices will always be number 1 for me. But, quality supplements are so beneficial and help a TON! 
So, as I was needing new probiotics and other vitamins, one day for some crazy reason I decided to order some from Plexus. It was actually cheaper than what I normally get and I wasn't getting anything different that I didn't already take. So, I thought why not!? I started using the probiotic (we need that healthy gut yeast), Xfactor multivitamin and bio cleanse (to help clean out intestines and arteries and oxygenate the body). I was so shocked that within a couple days my digestion was functioning properly like it hardly ever has before. (I have issues people..haha). I was feeling so good and so shocked at how well this was working.
Couple weeks later...My son, Ammon, poor guy, I can see SOOO many of my symptoms in him and we try really hard to eat well for the food sensitivities. Sometimes we are better than others. But, the week after Christmas Break he missed that whole week of school because he was in such severe stomach pain. He was throwing up anytime he tried to eat and anything he did happen to get down was just not digesting at all. He cried so much and it was hard to watch, I cried too because I just didn't know what to do for him anymore. Just a few months before this the doctor did an XRay and it showed his WHOLE stomach was filled with Bile that would not come out, it would not digest....ewww and sad! Things for him and I just do not break down and process in our digestion like they should, especially the foods that are hard to break down like Gluten, Dairy, Sugar. So, I was not knowing what to do and all of a sudden a light came on! "duh...this Plexus biocleanse and probiotic is working wonders for me, maybe it will work for him too." It's safe for kids!! It's real bad chemicals. So, I broke it in half and put it in a little bit of 100% juice and he guzzled it right down. The next day!!! It worked so well!! He was not in any more pain, he was able to go to the bathroom (sorry tmi :)) But, he and I were both sooo happy!! I immediately signed up for $35 to get them at wholesale because I knew I was going to be sticking with these and I wanted the wholesale price! We have both been on it every day since and have never felt better.
We also started trying the pink drink everyday because it helps the body detox (which I need help with because of MTHFR), it's great for your kidneys and cholesterol and blood sugar (which I also need help with). And I love that it gives me energy which feels sooo amazing after coming back from Stage 3 adrenal fatigue. 
*moral of this long story is....I have soooo many friends and family who talk to me about their health struggles and I know that if this works for me and my son so well, it can help somebody else too. Don't knock it until you try it! I'm super happy that I did!
The End!

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