Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fitness Challenge starts TOMORROW!

For those that have signed up...Awesome! There are many that have said they are excited about it, but have not yet signed up.  Please email me at if you want to join us.  The prize is $95 so far, if you join us it can be much more!! I want it to be worth it to all.  If you feel like you are too busy, I know it's a crazy time.  But, anytime is good to workout! We all gotta do it if we fully want to be healthier, no more putting it off! No more of these "I'll start on Monday." or "maybe next monday" or "oh- this next new year I'm gonna be really healthy" :) Sign-ups will still be open for 2 more weeks. No need to feel behind if you wait to sign up, you'll have 10 weeks total challenge to get as many "fit miles" as you can!! Make sure you read through all the details and use the Paypal button on the right to sign up! 
The money prize is fun, but the challenge itself.. helping & motivating each other to keep going is what's going to be awesome! The prizes will just be an added bonus! So if you want to be a part of it, contact me or just sign up!
If you don't want to do the challenge yourself but would like to donate to the prize pot to help others get fit and healthy that would be great too ;) 

If you would like to donate a prize for our giveaways please let me know!! It would be greatly appreciated!!

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