Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Deal??

On a Night So long ago... (last year), the husky man (the hubs) gave her a deal that would change the outcome of the future. There WOULD be a deadline, and PROMISES would be kept....OR...  

Aaahhhhh... I dont' know, I can't write a scary story...haha.  But, Happy Halloween!!!
So, some of you may remember THIS little deal my husband made me last year. Hahaha.. and maybe you are wondering, what happened?? Okay, so if you aren't all caught up, you have to go read it.

I thought for sure I would have a Halloween Costume by now.  But, I have no clue what I'm wearing...BOO! I'm almost sad, even though I for sure would be in something like this.
And believe me I DO NOT have the assets for this. :)
So here is what happened.  The Hubs was all for it, doing so good, I mean this was a year ago.  He had about 50 lbs to lose.  He did lose about 30 and has kept it off, which is AWESOME! When August came around I think he felt like he had plenty of time left and then when October came I think he started to give up.  He goes really hard for a while, great diet, staying active and then like anybody else he gets tired of it.  The more I push, the less he wants to do it.  I can tell him all the info I'm learning, all the knowledge I've gained, to do "this", and he should do "that."  But, he won't listen, he DOES NOT like to be told what to do and if he really wants to do something it HAS to be his decision and he will do it HIS way.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! But, honestly...who likes to be told what to do, right?! So, I've learned...(sort of) to keep quiet the best that I can.  
It's Halloween and he still has about 15 or so lbs to go.  But Hey! That is quite an accomplishment and guess what.  He's been so on board with the whole eating healthy thing and 2 weeks ago he started waking up before work at 4:30 am to do Les Mills Pump (which I am also currently doing and I LOVE).  What??? He started it on his own, and I think he is really liking it.  On his off day he even wanted to go on a family walk.  YAY!! 
I better knock on wood right now because I feel like I'm jinxing it as we speak.  I hope he continues this and he said, "I never said what year...." Whatever! Yes you did, but I'll take it.  If by next year he is down all the way to where he wants to be and has kept it off then I'll keep my end of the deal!! Or maybe we should change it up a bit.  Do you have any ideas for me?

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