Sunday, October 6, 2013

We all have struggles......

What my stuggles are may be different than others, but we can all relate in one way or another.
My challenges happen to be with Food.....

 I finally learned why I'm having so much trouble with food and all these different symptoms I've been having for years. After years of stuggling, I am so relieved to finally know what's wrong so I can fix it and start feeling better. I've had lots of testing done lately but knowing deep down that food is my culprit has also been very hard for me to comprehend for some reason. It has lead me to want to binge, to get mad and depressed knowing that I probably can't have a lot of the Holiday foods and goodies I make with the kids. It really has been an emotional and mental thing. How can food have so much control over us? 
The verdict by the Doctor is that I'm allergic to Dairy, Wheat, Soy and Sugar. It's crazy how I started finding all this out after eliminating these things and feeling so much better, better than I have felt in a long time and getting so sick when I tried to eat them again. I've always known that something was wrong with me and sugar. My body has never really liked it or processed it well. I never knew all along it could have been the combination of sugar, wheat, dairy and soy. I always had terrible stomache aches as a kid, would get sick after eating sugar (now thinking about it probably a combo of all the things), was tested for diabetes and other things. Now finally in my 30's after a lot of studying and experimenting on my own, I finally knew what to test for and knew what it could possibly be. Your body is your own! You have control over your body! Fight to figure out your body if you feel like something is wrong!! If I can teach anybody anything that is what I have learned. Through a lot of prayer and trying to find the answer on my own. I finally found the answer! 
Now I am learning to be strong in my own way and learning that family functions can be more than about the food! We will see how I do during the Holidays. Believe me I have had these mind games with myself thinking "oh it will be ok, this really isn't what's wrong with my body, this is just a joke," to find out time and time again after I eat just a little bit of any of the culprits, to be downright Sick!! Stomache pains, dizziness, weak, so sleepy, breathing problems/asthma, hormones all over the place, acne, mouth sores, body can't fuction, headaches, tingly fingers, Hot flashes, heart palpitations and more. Why would I continue to do this to myself now that I finally know I cannot have those things? As hard as it may be...sometimes I don't know the answer to that question. If you know what you need to do why not just do it!!!?? In the moment the food seems so great even knowing what it will do to me if I consume it! 
I finally realized that I am more powerful than food. Food cannot control me. I can no longer do this to myself literally for my health and to feel good and be happy. I know the consequences! Little did I know that I found the Whole30 for a reason. This would be my life long guideline for my health. The Whole30 really saved me. So instead of focusing on what I can't have. I'm focusing on what I can have. Although this is a challenge in my life, I am still so blessed in many other ways. I know there are many others faced with bigger and heartbreaking challenges.  Although mine is a challenge for me, it is a small challenge in the whole scheme of things. Whatever your challenge may be, all that you can do is focus on the positive and continue to try!!  

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"You are Stronger than you Realize, You are more capable than you can imagine, You can Do it Now!"
-adapted from Pres. Uchtodorf during Priesthood session of LDS General Conference, Oct 2013

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