Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Celiac a no go!!

Did you know Autoimmune Diseases are the leading cause of death in the US? I hate Autoimmune diseases! I wish it was easy to just figure out what one I have. Doctor and I both know I have an autoimmune disease, but which one? I now can rule out Celiac Disease. Although, I am still allergic to Cane sugar, Dairy, Carrots, Cantaloupe, Peanuts, Oregano all being the worst, then gluten, brewers yeast, cabbage, HFCS, lime, grapefruit as well. So, I still have to eat like I have Celiac. Plus with an Autoimmune disease it's important to eat non-inflammatory foods anyway. Blood work has shown for years that my immune system is very low, recent tests show the same. My Blood pressure is low, immune system low, temperature low, blood sugar low and I have a slew of other symptoms that scream autoimmunity. But, to figure out which one? That is the excruciating part! I almost wish it was Celiac because then at least we would know and we could stop the search and just continue treatment. My impatience is growing and this has got to end soon...years and years of this is just so annoying, as I'm sure thousands of people can relate. I'm also wondering if  because of my weak system is why I have big issues with altitude? Makes me so nervous to go camping again in a couple weeks for girls camp as I got really sick just a couple weeks ago from the altitude.

I am hypothyroid, adrenals still off and don't respond well, immunglobulin low low low, prone to hypoglycemia complications if I don't consistently eat for blood sugar stabilization, all the food allergies, etc, all these things causing a million more symptoms. Isn't the body a crazy complicated thing?

Doctor thinks Hashimotos possibly, fibromyalgia, MTHFR (a gene disorder in which the body is unable to process certain amino acids properly which can also lead to other diseases), asked if I've ever been tested for MS, could also be Addison's disease as I still have every single symptom. Could also be more than one disease.

I had more blood work yet again to test the thyroid more thoroughly, test B-12, folate, MTHFR and some other blood panels that I can't remember.

Taking a million pills again including thyroid, low dose naltrexone (given a lot for autoimmunity and immune system), stuff for adrenals, but mostly all other natural supplements and vitamins, plus B-12 injections. I just hate taking pills and injections. But I know being more consistent with them helps me.

I'm just ready to be better, I'm just ready to start treatment, I'm just ready to have energy and feel like I can exercise stronger again!! I'm beyond over this.

Also, still waiting on Mammogram results, feeling hopeful that it's all good though.

So, now that I got my rant over and got out the negative. The only option I have is to concentrate on the positive! :) Thanks for the stress relief blog world! :)

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