Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness, Fitness, Fitness....{any advice for me??}

That's what's sort of been on my mind, or the lack there of maybe...haha. It's been a wild and crazy couple weeks.  Just the normal happenings of life and other adventures in life that seem to happen.  I'm just getting over a cold, my voice is still gone, last week my oldest daughter dislocated & broke her arm.  It was bad and required surgery to have a pin put in.  So, that whole week went out the window, I was busy taking care of her and at the ER and then back to the hospital for a couple days.
 I think I'm totally an emotional eater.  When I'm stressed or sad, I eat.  When I'm bored... I eat. People brought us food and treats over...... and I ate. :) I wasn't able to get my regular exercise in and then a couple of my other kids started getting sick and then I got sick, so we sat at home on the couch...... and ate. :( And got no exercise.  It's just life right! It happens.  Now the hard part is getting back into a Healthy Lifestyle and routine.  But, it's sort of depressing to go from really feeling pretty good about your body, or course there is more toning that I would have liked to see happen.  But, felt good in my clothes and didn't worry about what to wear.  I was feeling good.  Then, to go to gaining 5 or so pounds from a hectic couple weeks is sort of depressing, when your jeans are getting tight in a matter of 2 weeks. Yikes!! My husband was also doing great and getting up at 4:30 every morning and running everyday!  Then he got sick too!! :( 
Do you ever go through cycles like this? How do you get back into it?? It's funny how fast your confidence can change!! Is fitness on your mind?  I always feel like I need a plan of action, do you have a plan of action for your Health & fitness??? Or any tips for me on a "plan of action" to take to get back into it??

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