Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12 Week Transformation!!

I am so excited and proud to have my 12 week program ready to purchase!! I am determined to help you get in the best shape of your life and reach your goals for 2014!! I am giddy thinking about helping you transform your body!! I know you will love this 12 week body sculpting program and truly get results with it and my help.

If you are looking for a good workout program & want to get in shape this year then this is for YOU!

{If you are local to me and are interested in CrossFit or Personal Training in person then contact me for more info!}

The Workouts
This program focuses on strength training sessions and incorporates Cardio options as well.  You will also have the option of joining my private Facebook group with full support for as long as you want it with video links/explanation of movements and a HIIT WOW (workout of the week) given every week for a great Cardio option, plus full support and motivation.  I will also be available for any questions through email, the private FB group or through Private message on my FB page.

Phase 1 includes 3 days of Strength training each week- circuit style for a full body workout each session. Plus cardio options given.
Phase 2 includes 3 days of Strength training sessions each week- circuit style w/ super sets for a full body workout & 2 circuits per session + cardio options.
Phase 3 includes 4 days of Strength training body part training sessions each week- circuit style with 3 circuits each session + cardio options.

What you Get- You wil receive a full 50 page PDF that you can save to your computer or print out + the Nutrition Guide- 17 pages of Nutrition Help.  The Workouts are all laid out for you, you can print out each day to take with you to the gym or keep track at home while you are doing it. You also can be added to the private Facebook group for on-going support for as long as you want it! If you follow the program as it details, you will get healthier, feel better, get on track with Nutrition and transform your body and your life!

This Program is geared toward doing it At Home but most definintely can be done in a gym where plenty of equipment is available. You will need a little bit of equipment or things around the house to fully do all the workouts as explained. If you do not have access to these things I can give you suggestions as to what else you can do.

Stability Ball- 65 cm recommended
Dumbbell Set- up to 40lbs (combined total) recommended
Resistance Bands- these come in different tensions, Medium or a variety is recommended
Jump Rope
Sturdy Boxes or Steps to jump on or step up on
Optional: Weight Bench
Optional: KettleBell
Optional: Barbell w/ plates

This will also come with my Nutrition Guide for FREE with lots of tips for success!! 

*Do you need a workout program that you can follow with Nutrition guidance and full support?
*Are you unsure of what to do when you get to the gym?
*Do you want great options for days that you can't make it to your normal scheduled workouts or for great cross training options?
*Do you want to get in shape this year?
*Do you want to have group support & finally finish a workout program that you started?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then THIS PROGRAM is for YOU!!

$29.95 SALE
 This program is for Men and Women! Get your significant other to do it with you too!

Let me know if you have any other questions!
I can't wait to see you transform your life & to finally feel Healthy and Fit!

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