Friday, February 10, 2012

Races from the Past

I just realized I have never shared any of my races from the past.  I haven't done too many, I really got into it last year.  It's been fun.  As I've been starting to run a little more and work towards my next 10 K I've been thinking about my races from the past and how I'd like to improve.  Whenever I do a race all I'm thinking about is going against myself and beating my time from the race before.  

This was my first Race.  The Biggest Loser 5K March 2011.  It was so much fun!

(w/ Daris)
After the race....I look beat...haha.  We took pics and got autographs from some of the past Biggest Loser contestants.   
(w/ Sam, Love him! :)
(w/ Sarah....isn't she cute, so sweet too!) It started to rain after I finished.

 (w/ Ada & Adam...very cool)

Ada signed "Be the Standard" on my shirt...I think that has a lot of power and meaning to it.  I do want to be the standard, I want to be an example, not only to my children and family but to others as well!

My stats:
3.1 miles/5K  Time: 34:28
In my division/age/gender: 18th out of 80
Overall: 129 out of 572
I felt pretty good for my 1st 5K!

Then, I took on my 2nd race ever....a 10K...6.2 miles.  

Kanab 10, May 7, 2011


Haha...the kids couldn't look into the Sun.  I love that they were there to see me finish!

My stats:
 44 out of 107 women.  
There was 167 total running. 
My official time was 59:22

Now I'm working to beat that dang time for my next 10K in 35 days....yikes.  I hope I can do it!
In that same Month on May 28, 2011 I did a Midnight 5K with my sister in law and mother in law.
It was an interesting experience but I couldn't see a darn thing while running, I thought I might trip in a pot hole and fall...scary! Plus I had a fever and felt very sick....blah.  It wasn't too good.  I still beat my 5K time though.  Yay!

It's funny I can totally see how my body has changed since then.

Overall: 228 out of 625 peopleMy Stats:
101 out of 402 women
24 out of 79 in my age group
Time: 29:46

Doing races has really helped, giving me something to really work toward.  During the summer I didn't really stay consistent with running and I stopped running for a while during the winter.   When I started back up with it in January 2012 I felt like I had to start back over a little bit.  But, I don't want to go that long again without running.  It's weird how I dread it but enjoy it at the same time...LOL.

Wish me Luck for my next 10K...eeekk! I workout every day besides Sunday, but I only get a chance to run Fridays and Saturdays every week.  Any tips for me to improve my time and get faster??

Have a great weekend! My measurement stats are coming tomorrow. Plus, be on the look out for a really Fun review and Giveaway of something that has to do with Scrapbooking in the next couple excited for this! :)

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