Monday, February 6, 2012

Start the Week off right!

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Whoa! Birthday, Family Get together, Super Bowl party.  Oh my! The weekend was not good for my diet.  I've been pretty good at controlling my portions, sugar intake, etc. until the weekend hit! But, sometimes you fall off the wagon, right!? It's okay once in a while as long as you get right back on.  So, here we go!

I think I have ADD when it comes to Workout Videos.  I can't just do one method. I switch it up a lot.  Which is okay to do, But, one of these times maybe I will Completely do only Turbo Fire or only The Pink Method.  Both of which I absolutely love. I haven't done just one of them straight, I always mix in something else too.  It's okay I guess.

Lately I have been obsessed with  TODAY they are starting another 30 day challenge (hasn't been posted yet, so I may start it tomorrow).  It's just 12 minutes or so a day.  Everyday there is a new video for you do to.  It's best to completely watch the video of the exercises they tell you to do.  Then get out your timer and do those exercises after they have explained them.  If you can't quite do them, just try your best.  Pretty soon I bet you'll tell a complete difference in your strength.  I am totally doing this month because I want to see in 1 month if there is any change. Think I can get abs like hers??!! :)  Check it out! 
I will also continue to do Cross fit 3 times a week and run at least 2 times a week.  I'm loving it!
I will also be participating in the *8 weeks to a better you*  mini 4 week challenge. I love this challenge because it brings out an all around better you.  I love challenges like this, my goal is to get a perfect score! It's only 4 weeks, I can do this! It starts February 12 and goes until March 10th.  Getting ready for Spring Break Baby! Join Us!

I have decided I will continue to take my measurements every 2 weeks. (I like to see what's happening with my body) But, I will not weight myself.  That might be hard to do.  I usually like to see where I'm at.  But, weight doesn't really matter.  It's mostly how you feel that's important, inches, how your clothes fit & looking in the mirror will really tell you what your body is doing.  After this month of the body rock challenge and the mini 4 week challenge I will probably finally weigh myself. It will be interesting to see where my weight is.  
Do you like challenges? Do you weigh yourself often? Do you want to join me in either of these!! It will be fun to know of somebody else who is doing it with me.  :)

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