Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bad Days and Better Days

I have been really struggling lately.  These days I feel like I don't have many good days. There are some really bad days and some ok days.  The road to recovering my Adrenals is really going to be frustrating.  It seems to be getting worse when I was hoping I would start to feel somewhat better being on the supplements to help my Adrenals.  I've been on the anti-inflammatory diet for over a month now.  This is probably the longest I've ever gone without any sort of Sugar, even honey or maple syrup or anything.  Maybe the longest I've gone without Dairy, gluten, eggs, beef or anything. Originally I did feel quite well the first week I got all the junkie foods out of my system as I was use to feeling that before doing Whole30 and starting Paleo.  I knew I could feel better with the types of foods I ate, but then I just started not feeling well even while eating these foods.  I know I would be much worse if I did, but still I was hoping I would at least feel better by now. I guess I'm just took years for me to develop this so it may take quite a while to get back to normal.  If there is a normal.  Knowing that my Adrenals are completely not functioning must be the cause.  I feel like they are getting worse and I was wishing we can turn this around soon. It's amazing how the body works and how the whole endocrine system works together and sends signals to each other.  If one thing is off, others may also be.

I remember when I would just want or feel like going for a run or would be excited to workout.  Now a days it's soooo hard to even think about it, I can't even imagine running in the evening or on Saturday mornings like I use to.  Some CrossFit workouts in the morning I really don't know how I get through them.  I force myself to finish and to finish strong and then I am exhausted for the rest of the day.  That's not normal.  20-30 minutes after a tough workout you should bounce back and feel energized for the day.  I feel like getting in my workout helps me though, helps keep me sane, helps me because it's what I love to do even though it's hard right now, but I pay for it the rest of the day. Smart or not?? Probably not a good idea for me to continue intense exercise.  But, at least its not hours worth.  It's not anymore than 30 minutes long and I only am able to do it 4 times a week if that.

I'm basically just thoughts are all over the place right now.  This last week has been tough.  I just don't feel good and I can cry at the drop of a hat.  It's just an emotional thing to know something is wrong with you and you may not be able to do the things you want or think you can for a long time.  It's also very frustrating taking care of my family.  I need to do everyday normal Mom and Wife and work things and it literally takes it out of me.  Fixing meals is a whole other issue because I cannot eat what my family eats and it's exhuasting fixing 2 seperate meals and I literally don't want to do it.  I don't want to cook, I don't want to think about it, I don't want to figure out what to make my family.  I barely can figure out what to make myself.  I usually love to cook, but it's just pretty exhuasting.  My family meals are usually pretty healthy, but these days mine are to the extreme and it's pretty boring and the same ol' same ol' almost everyday. So, my poor family! :(
This is what I can eat:
*Turkey, Chicken
*Fruits, Veggies (no tomatoes, corn or white potatoes)
*olives, avacados, coconut oil, olive oil
*raw nuts, except peanuts
*almond milk, coconut milk, coconut butter
*black beans, quinoa, buckwheat (I don't eat these often though because they make me feel slightly worse)
So far I've had the chance to add in eggs and tomatoes.  They made me feel completely sick, sicker than I already feel, made all my symptoms much worse.  My body is rejecting them at this time.  Inflammation sucks!! These foods cause the inflammation in my body and leaky gut worse so it's a no-go for them for a while. Next I get to try Beef.

This is so true!! I honestly don't know what it feels like to feel good! And I know there are so many more out there that also feel this way.  

Some education I am learning about the Adrenal Glands:

What are Adrenal Glands & what do they do?
The two adrenal glands are located on top of each of your kidneys. They are a part of the endocrine system. While small in size, these glands are responsible for numerous hormone-related functions within the body. Healthy adrenal glands keep many bodily functions in check, as result disorders of the adrenal glands can have a broad impact on the body. Suspected adrenal disorders should be addressed by a doctor for evaluation and treatment.
Each gland is responsible for producing hormones.

Adrenal gland disorders develop when:
*the pituitary gland fails to control hormone production
*benign (non-cancerous) tumors grow within the glands
*infections or malignant (cancerous) tumors develop
*genetic mutations are inherited
*Such disorders can be classified as a medical conditions like:
Addison’s disease- This is an auto-immune disease. This is a self-destructive disease, in which your own immune system may attack adrenal tissues.

Symptoms of adrenal gland disorders may include: (I've had all of these symptoms & more for years & now at a stage 7 Adrenal fatigue disorder)
excessive fatigue
low blood pressure (hypotension)
increased salt cravings
low blood sugar
irregular periods
dark skin patches
muscle and joint pain
weight gain or loss

I deal with these symtpoms every day.  I can't remember a day when I woke up feeling energized.  I keep thinking... shouldn't a person wake up feeling energized, rested, ready to go on with the day.  I haven't felt that way in years.  I just don't know what it would be like to feel that way.

Everyday I step out of bed I am dizzy, feel like my head is swimming, I have blurry vision, when I drive I feel like so weird like my head is in space...if that makes sense.  I played the organ in church today and literally was so afraid that I was going to fall backwards I just didn't think I could hold myself up on the bench. My head feels so heavy most of the time.  A lot of days I also feel like I can't breath like I just can't get air in my lungs. All day long I am trying to regulate my low blood sugar and hopefully keeping it in check.  I feel extremely exhausted all day everyday with headaches and dizziness.  I've had low blood pressure for years.  When you get it checked it's always like "Wow! your blood pressure is low, you must be in really good shape." Well, now I realize that it's a symptom of something wrong.  I had to stay longer in the hospital with my last child because my blood pressure would not rise and stabilize.  That was 4 1/2 years ago. I've also dealt with Hypoglycemia since I was a teenageer.  So, is this the cause of my Adrenals? Or is this a symptom? And how long has this been going on?? Getting worse and worse year by year?? 

The adrenal glands are essential for everyday health. After diagnosis of adrenal disorder, ongoing care is required. Since these glands are related to other organs in the endocrine system, doctors usually scan for diseases of the pancreas, sex organs, thyroid gland, and pituitary gland.

I will be undergoing more blood work and antibody testing this week to check if I have Addison's disease.  I have every symptom of it.  It is when the Adrenals are incapable of producing the hormones it is suppose to so may be the cause of the Adrenal fatique.  I know there is a lot more to it.  If left un-treated it can be fatal.  If I have Addison's disease I know it's just getting worse, so if I have it It's important to know right away before something fatal happens.  Some are left in a coma and other things.  Those with Addison's disease must be medicated for the rest of their life.  Scary! But, I'd rather find out now than later.  If it is that atleast we will know what more to do and I'm hoping I can start feeling much better. Cause, as of right now....not feeling until then...I wait for the next thing.

This is a helpful Podcast by Balanced Bites.  There are 3 parts. Worth checking out if you have any issues regarding your Adrenals.

This is great info on Robb Wolf's page that goes along with the podcast.

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