Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Business!

I knew I wanted something more, something that I could potentially grow big...make a team and help others, products that I loved and believed in, and of course a business that's just.... fun!! With tons of support and surrounded with fun people who want the same thing!! I've had my eye on Perfectly Posh for a while!! I really should have just jumped in when I thought about it over a year ago!! But, I was afraid of just jumping in like I had so many times before!! I really wanted to think it out and be smart about it and know for sure that it was what I should do!! I have tried other Direct Selling companies.  I know what to look for when it comes to good companies, and also know now what I truly want. Try 7 times get back up 8 right? That's all you can do. Is try and try and try and then be successful!!

I LOVE Coaching in Fitness and Nutrition. Whether it's in professional ways or not. I love it! It's a definite passion. I also believe that what you put on your skin matters as much as the food that you put in your body. 

So,....finally I have become a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant!
If you haven't tried these products you need to!! They are so fun, but most importantly so good for your skin and potentially your health!!  Most products are filled with toxins and parabens, soy...etc.  NO Good!! 
POSH on the other hand is made in the USA with quality ingredients like natural butters and oils and FREE from harmful chemicals and fillers! Plain and simple they are quality products that are so good for your skin and feel so good too!! Taking care of your body isn't only about Nutrition and's just as important to relax & pamper your body often too!! You deserve to be pampered!

Taking charge of my life and income! I'm excited to grow a team and help other Moms who want the same thing! My goal is to replace my music income with POSH, fix up our 80's home that needs soooo much updating, of course save up for the kids' college fund, and also help my husband and I save up to go to Australia to visit his brother & family!!
Join me and my team!! I'd LOVE to help you reach goals too!

LOVE all these products!! They work! And I'm a girl...who wouldn't love cute packaging, yummy smelling and amazing feeling products! ;) Some of my current favorites are:

I love scrubbing my feet with the Snarky Bar in the shower!!
My face is very sensitive and acne prone.  What I eat causes my face to break out, I have scars from years of damage to prove it. :( But, I also have to use products that are very natural and good for my skin. I've tried every single product there is to try from Pro-Active and other things you see on infomercials to Mary Kay. The only thing I can use on my face is Posh products or plain Coconut oil!! I love BFF because it exfoliates and I love how my skin feels after a gentle exfoliation! I feel good knowing it's not going to cause me to breakout and it has no harmful ingredients going on my face! Love this!! It's a best seller...many switching from expensive beauty products and loving BFF for their face! All these products are spa grade without the spa price tag!
Love Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes!! Perfect to carry in your purse and give your hands a little nourishment every where you go!! Smells so yummy too and never greasy!
Love this moisturizer for my face!!! Feels so everything else & never greasy! The pefect moisturizer!

Love this hand cream!! Smells Summery and yummy!! And of course never greasy!!
This Body Butter is a close out!! Get it fast!! It smells great!! I love love all the Body scrubs and Body butters though!! :) Call me Candy....mmmmm! I put it all over my body after showering! The New Mango Marshmallow is very similar to this...soooo good!

I love all the products...I could go on!! This coming Fall there will be 46 brand new amazing additions to the product line!! Can't wait!

So proud to say I'm a......

Amazing products, Amazing company and an Amazing opportunity!
This company is still in the beginnings and it's an amazing ground floor opportunity! Join me!
If you want to Host a Home, online or portable party Contact me. 
If you'd simply like to buy or join contact me or visit my site to learn more!

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