Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vacations...tired feet & New adventures...

We've been on vacation all week at California!! Had a blast! We haven't been on a family vacation in 6 years so we were ready to have a good time.  We hit Disneyland for 2 days, California Adventure for 1 and the Beach!! It was a super fun week braving the lines at Disneyland, dealing with meltdowns from the youngins :) (but a ton of laughs and giggles too), California Traffic, fun riders, first times, crashing waves and so much more!!  On my husbands phone pedometer we walked on average of 10 miles everyday!!! My feet are tired!! I'll tell you how I'm going to treat them in a minute... but first just a couple photos from the week!! :)

Fun Memories!!
And it's always good to be back home too!

I was worried about making my own food and taking it, not able to eat much of anything else.  But, it worked out fine!! I had plenty prepared, it helped that we had a fridge and microwave in the hotel room and we took our lunches and snacks with us every day to the parks and ate at the picnic area.  Saved us a ton of cash too! I will admit that after over 50 days without any type of sugar, dairy, gluten and more..... I had some on the 3rd day of vacation!!! Ahhhhh!!! I'm feeling it today.  But, we were starving in the park at Dinner time one day and we had already eaten our lunches and snacks that we brought and we stopped off at a Disney restaurant for dinner and the only option was fish and chips, chilli cheese fries, chicken nuggets and fries and a measly salad with ....uh lettuce.. & honestly I was starving and didn't care at that moment and definitely did not want another salad!! You know when you are on vacation and somehow everything goes out the window! Well, that was my first taste of ....uh normal american in a loooonnng time.  Chicken nuggets and fries.  It honestly wasn't any better than my healthy home cooked food, but I was starving and it fulfilled that.  That set me off to then want a Dole whip because of course we went to the Tiki Room!! It tasted good too but not like to die for good!! I really haven't missed things like that surprisingly, what I did really want though was chocolate and ice cream.  I could eat turkey sausage and sweet potatoes and asparagus all day long and not care.  But, what I do miss all the time is sweets!! So, I totally then had a candy bar and ice cream!! OH. My! coma!! We made it home and I am all headachey and hung over today!! ;) Not good, but I have no guilt! The Doctor might have words to say.... :(

Anyway....aside from my food coma.  Remember how I told you I would be pampering my tired feet!! Ahh ya! Doesn't this look like it would make a nice foot bath and pampering!! Just in time to be foot ready for the Summer months!! See my other Post Here and let me tell you why I need a new adventure and maybe you do too!

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