Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Lose your Marbles!

This is a strategy that is extremely effective and helpful to me as a mother of 4 cute Kiddies :) and even more so now that School's Out for Summer.... 
talk about losing my Marbles already....haha.  I love my kids dearly :) I do, but they love to drive me bonkers a lot of the time too! :) I'm sure Mom's everywhere might agree with me..LOL.

So, I hope this will help you out like it does me!
The system is super simple:
Everytime my kids do something good- help me out in some way, do chores, read, eat dinner all gone, play nice with their siblings, etc, (you get the picture) they can get 1 marble (or more-depending on how much you think they earn for what they did) put in their jar.  If they do something bad- hit their sibling, talk back, be mean, etc. they can lose a marble. 
You can decide what happens when they get so many marbles.  Here are a couple ideas.
*They can spend marbles every other friday night at the "family store"- where we have goodies, coloring books, stickers, glow necklaces, etc. filled in a bucket available for "purchase" for so many marbles each prize.
*They can trade in their marbles at the end of the week for money/allowance.
*They can try to get their marbles all the way to the top and be able to buy a certain toy they've been begging to have, or go on a super fun date w/ Mom and Dad, or go somewhere really fun!! Maybe even Disneyland!! You decide!

How to make:
I simply had a few mason jars around the house that I used.  I made up some cute design on my computer using digi scrapbooking.  (I like to use Memory Mixer). I printed it out and mod podged it to my jars. Super Easy! You can also print it out on Sticker paper or something like that and Mod Podge over it for a good seal or packaging tape also works great for a clear, waterproof seal.

You can kinda take this idea and run with it, so many creative possibilies and things your kids can learn & earn.
So heres to a happy Summer with your kids, less fighting, more listening and a more sane Mommy! :) I'd love to know if you try it and how it works out for you!

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