Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Smoothies

I love smoothies, especially towards the summer time.  My kids love them too and if I ever make a smoothie I have to make sure there is enough for each of them to try.  There are so many combinations of different fruit and yogurt that you can do.  This is one of my Favorites.  It's a great breakfast or a yummy snack and has some health benefits too.

*Greek Yogurt -honey flavored (I absolutely love this yogurt, greek yogurt it thicker and creamier, has more protein and less carbs then regular yogurt, makes a good substitute for sour cream in recipes)
Frozen Fruit blend for smoothies
& I like to add a banana too
*Agave nectar (sometimes it might be sweet enough without this)
Fat Free Milk or unsweetened Almond Milk
add a few ice cubes
*Ground Flaxseed (optional) 1 or 2 TBS
{Flaxseed contains immune-enhancing omega fatty acids as well as cancer-fighting lignans.  It also expands which helps make you feel fuller. You can read a little more about it's health benefits Here }
*You can also add in a scoop of vanilla Protein Powder & Spinach if you'd like

*Now a bit about Agave Nectar, sure you could also use honey to sweeten your smoothie.  But, Agave Nectar is a better, healthier option and you need very little, maybe a tablespoon or less.  It's very sweet.  I also found I like to use it on waffles or pancakes because it has a low glycemic index and doesn't make my blood sugar spike and then drop so low like regular maple syrup seems to do to me. 
A few other things about Agave Nectar:
*An All- natural nectar from the Agave Plant
*low glycemic index means that it is slowly absorbed by the body and does not cause the same rapid increase in blood sugar as table sugar.
*produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals and supports American Farmers.
*It can also be used as a substitute for corn syrup in recipes.
*It is a little more expensive than honey or syrup, one down fall

I don't follow recipes much when making smoothies, I just throw everything in and blend away :) add a little more here and there for taste and texture. But if you need help with the amounts of things let me know I'll be happy to figure it out for you. :)

Do you have a Favorite smoothie recipe, any other super ingredients I should try?? I love feedback and comments! Let me know if you try out my "super smoothie."

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