Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's time to get over it!!

So, I have been so pitiful this week! :) Feeling sorry for myself, feeling depressed, injured and down in the dumps. Feeling like I don't want to do anything at all. What in the world is with me and this week?? I have been on such a roll before this, feeling so healthy, exercising like crazy! Totally happy! Why do I let myself feel so far gone? I guess I'm just human, right! It's okay to get in a slump sometimes.  But, I'm sorry for being so negative yesterday! Here I sit with my bag full of chocolate popcorn for the 2nd day in a row.....yikes!! It doesn't make me feel better, it only makes me feel worse! Food can only temporary make you feel good for the moment and then you realize you then feel worse.  The other thing that helps me when I feel stressed is Exercise, so now that I've been trying to take a break from exercise because I didn't want to injure my achilles anymore....I turn to food!! I need to find something else to cope.  What do you turn to in times of stress??

Well, I'm getting over this slump.  I WILL put down this bag of popcorn and bag of chocolates, I will get up tomorrow morning and exercise to whatever level I can. No more of this nonsense!! Do you ever get in a slump?  How do you get yourself out?

You need to go watch this online premiere of the film Hungry for Change, Your health is in your hands. It is about an hour and a half, so give yourself some time.  But, I think it really has the power to change your health and the way you think. I think everybody should at least educate themselves about it all.  It should be shown in every health class.  (It's only available online for free for about 9 more days, so If you really want to watch it do it soon).  The information is so true.  The hard part is putting it to effect in our lives.  I will never be a perfect eater.  But, educating myself and getting great information like this will change the way I look at everything that I eat and that I let my kids eat as well.  Hopefully I can go back to making smarter food choices and actually put this in to effect for good.  Sometimes we have a lot of knowledge, we know what bad food choices really does to our body, but following through in making better decisions is so darn difficult!!  If you watch the film I'd love to hear what you think about this.

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