Thursday, March 1, 2012

What has worked for Me

I haven't weighed myself in a month.  It has felt good to just focus on exercise and nutrition instead of wondering if that scale would finally budge. February 29 it had been a month since I last weighed so I figured I would see where my body was and I stepped on the scale.....after months of it not really budging...guess what, I lost 5 lbs!  It felt good, but you know what feels even better? The way I feel, the way I have made exercise a complete habit, the way I have been eating.  It all feels so good.  Here are some things that I totally feel had a part in finally getting the scale to budge for me this last month.  

*I have been drinking 64 oz of water everyday.  This has been a struggle for me in the past.  I just found that I don't drink much liquids at all.  I'm sure my body was dehydrated and holding onto everything it had.  But, now that I am finally drinking enough water I think it really helped me drop a few pounds.  Plus, it helps you feel fuller too. Oh- those first couple days were hard, I felt so bloated and had to pee every 2 seconds, but now I feel good.
*I only have sugar 1 day a week.  Believe me it has been hard, I have had plenty of temptation.  I try to choose my "free day" wisely.  But, there has still been plenty of chances for me to have baked goods, treats, etc and I have passed them up.  It did feel good to stay the course and I felt stronger after I said no. Every packaged food, cereal, snack anything I look at the package and if it has more then 2 grams of sugar I don't eat it.  I do eat Peanut Butter if there is 3 grams of sugar but no more than that. I have tried to not have PB as much, not everyday at least. I also use honey or agave to sweeten things sometimes. I have found little snacks that I can eat that help me with my sweet tooth.  I want to try and keep this habit either with having the free day once a week or say no way more often.
*I have eaten at least 2 fruits and 2 veggies everyday and again 1 free day a week where I don't worry or have so much structure.
*I have not had junk food or fast food, I have tried making meals that we love using healthy alternatives.  I again have the free day once a week where I don't worry so much about it and use better alternatives instead of chips or unhealthy snacks.

I eat Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner.  I choose my snacks wisely, things with protein and my veggies/fruits, etc.  to help me feel fuller longer.  I'm feeling great about bettering my diet.  I love it!
My diet changes a long with my exercise regimen have really helped me feel great!
I exercise everyday besides Sunday.  I exercise every morning for about 30 minutes doing a workout video like "Pink Method" (which I love) and I do cross fit every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  I run Fridays and Saturdays.  I feel strong and I want to continue these good habits.  Everybody knows once you stop it's so hard to start up again, so I will not stop!!

And I'm so excited I won something for working out so much.  Over at Get Fit Naturally they were doing a little challenge and every time I worked out I got to post it for an entry and I won...yay! Can't wait to get my package in the mail.  How fun!

Let me know if you have questions I would love to help you in getting better habits!
What has worked for you or not worked for you??

Happy March!

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