Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Paleo Diet

So a few days ago I was trying to figure out what Healthy Eating plan would be best for me: here is that post.
Does everybody need a plan?? Well, You gotta figure out what works for you and I've gotta figure out what works for me.  I'm on a mission to figure it out! :) My lifetime plan!! I'm doing some major research and reviews of some things that I have narrowed down.  I'll decide ultimately what I should do for me along the way. I want to tone up and lose these last 15 pounds. The Ultimate goal is to feel fabulous and also find out what works as a wife and mom of 4.  I've got to get real.  Hopefully you'll stick with me along the way and find out what works for you as well.

My first Review is on the "Paleo Diet"
Have you heard about this? I've actually heard a lot about it lately and I was interested to check it out.    One blogger said she was working out so hard and came to a plateau and nothing was happening and her brother over at "The Skinny School" told her she needed to try "Paleo." So, she did and she has had success. It sounded like something that would help me get over my plateau, so I was immediately interested.  All I keep thinking about is the Summer season and how I don't want to feel "gross" in my swimsuit.  Nobody deserves to feel gross.  It's time to enjoy the summer sun and cool pool, right!  I've had plentiful days of feeling "gross" and not confident and this summer season will not be one of them!!! But, I have almost come to the conclusion that "dieting" is not the way to go since I've been reading the book "Intuitive Eating." {that's a whole new blog post...that review will be coming soon ;)}.

Anyway, let's take a closer look at the "Paleo Diet," shall we.....

This diet believes in unlimited amounts of protein, unlimited veggies, fruits are okay, but not in unlimited amounts if you are watching your weight (because of the sugar content in fruit), healthy fats, Beans are okay (some stricter versions of Paleo are against this), suppose to stay away from starchy veggies and all starches for that matter. You shouldn't have carbs except from your veggies and fruit.  No dairy. No sweets of course. Nuts and seeds are great for healthy fats. Healthy cooking oils like Olive and coconut in moderation.

Veggies and Protein are at the base of this diet.  This seems great, but should we do without the Healthy whole grains? Our body does need good carbs for energy.  But, I guess if you are looking to lose weight, cutting out the grains and doing a lot of lean proteins and veggies & healthy fats would probably work great.  I think this may be worth a try and then adding in the whole grains and low fat dairy might make it a lifetime well rounded diet for me. Pretty much following the food pyramid right.  The key point is, if you want to lose weight I guess you could try the strict part- the actual Paleo diet for a while until you reach your goal and then add in the grains, dairy, limited sweets and be on your way to hopefully maintaining and have a normal well rounded diet.  If you are looking to lose weight and/or get a lean muscle look, this may be the diet for you.

The Skinny School version of the Paleo diet is Here

Based on your individual goals a very strict or a modified version of the Paleo Diet may work best for you.  Here is a really good and informational version of the Paleo diet food shopping list.

I have heard many tips before that I should eat protein at every meal. This definitely helps with my Hypoglycemia, it helps keep you fuller longer, and if you eat protein with whatever else you are eating it slows down they breakdown of how fast it enters your blood stream causing your blood sugar not to spike so fast.  This is ideally what I should do, it makes me feel better. But, sometimes so much protein can get boring and well....too much. I have a problem when eating simple carbs; pancakes, waffles, & cereal, etc for breakfast because an hour later I will feel sick, shaky, hot sweats, ready to pass out.  I cannot function on that.  My son is the same If we are going to have anything like that for breakfast I try to do the Whole wheat/whole grain version with bananas or Peanut butter on top and eggs (the added protein) on the side would be ideal.

What do I take away from this?  I do know I should eat more protein.  If I could eat it at every meal that would really help stabalize my blood sugar and also keep me feeling more satisfied.  Can I go without Dairy? I do like low fat cheese & yogurt.  Can I go without grains?  The grains I do eat are almost always wholegrain or whole wheat so not necessarily "bad."  If I'm looking for a leaner, more toned body, which is my goal, this diet may be what I need to finally get me there.  Am I willing to limit myself to this?? Not sure that strict diets are always best, because sometimes when you limit yourself you eventually find yourself on a binge later on.....hmmm. What are your thoughts about this diet?  Does it seem like something you would try? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here is another interesting article about it here: Eating the Caveman way

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