Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Plan of Action???

Sometimes there are so many diet plans, so many exercise videos and classes, different ways that claim is the "best way."  I love to read about them, study them, see what really works...because I'm crazy like that. ;)  I love to learn how the body works, see what works for me and the benefits of certain exercises and diets.  But, lately I feel a little overwhelmed by it all.  I for one, Love to have a Plan of Action.  I feel like I need a certain plan and I follow it pretty well.  But, having a plan isn't necessarily the best thing.  We all know that eating right and exercise is really the only way.  But, there is certain things that can change the way our body is if that's what we are trying to go do.  Eating certain things at certain times during the day can help and eating more lean proteins and less starchy carbs can help.  Lately I have found so many great "diet plans" of attack.  I'm not really sure what to do that will work the best for me.  The best thing for YOU do to is find what works for you.   Exercise is a complete habit for me. But, If I really want to get to my ultimate goal and change my body even more toward ultimate fitness I NEED to get better at eating healthy for good.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to review each one of the following "methods" and lay it all out there for you and for me to find what works best.  I want to see what's similar, if anything, and what I will find...maybe a combination of all of them??? I hope this may be helpful to you as well.  

*Intuitive Eating- This is a great book that talks about getting back to having a better relationship with food.  Throwing dieting out the window.  Children are great at knowing what they like, when they are hungry and when to stop.  Sometimes we ruin that by trying to get them to finish their plates, forcing them to eat things they don't like, etc. Have we been ruined?? I'm really liking this book.  I'm excited to finish and try the steps to see if it works. I found it at my local library.

*Pink Method- I LOVE these exercise videos, but I didn't really follow the food portion of it. I can't even remember too much about what the diet consists of now that I think about it.  I will study it again and see what I like and dislike about it.

*Tone it up- I like this site.  The trainers are fun and make you want their body. :) I haven't actually tried the workouts, but I'm gonna mix it up and give it a try so I can give a full review.  I actually broke down and bought the Diet Plan to see what it was all about and because that's what I ultimately want is to "Tone it Up." A lot of the diet makes complete sense.  When to eat certain food like dairy and starchy carbs, etc.  It makes sense. But, I don't think I can eat like that forever.

*Paleo Diet- I have heard a lot about this lately.  It's all about eating good fats, more protein, fruits and veggies.  Hardly no carbs besides the fruits and veggies.  I know this will absolutely work if I do this.  But, it's so hard for me to eat protein at every meal.  So hard!

*The Lean belly Prescription.  I love Dr. Travis. :) I actually got this from my local library as well.  But, I have not yet read it.  I better get on the ball...its due pretty soon.

I believe all of these things have great & true information.  And every time we turn around there is some great tip on TV, saying some supplement we should take or whatever it may be. But, I need to find a balance and really what works for me.  Not just for yo-yo dieting, but for long term.  Also, something that works for me as a mom & wife.  It's hard to have to make a different dinner for yourself than the rest of your family.  That's insane.  Plus- you are suppose to be teaching your family how to eat healthy too right!? So, I don't want to do anything crazy like that.  I'm excited to break it all down and finally figure it out!!  Come back soon for Review #1.

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