Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little Pampering....

Okay, these pictures are scary....LOL, But I have pretty much no makeup on and Whoa close up! HA.  

A cousin of mine does eyelash extensions and I thought, What the heck! I wanna get some.  
So, I totally did it! My eyelashes are thick enough but short.
I can pamper myself and try something new, right?!
Look at the Lashes huh!
Still a scary close up, but whatever!
What do you think? I totally love them.  I don't have to wear mascara, I'm not even wearing eyeliner.  The only difference in this pic with the extensions on is that I have a tiny bit of  eye shadow and lip gloss on.

I'm thinking I may need some bangs if my cowlick at my part would cooperate....grrr...cuz my forehead is huge, don't even get me started on my nose.....oh man, these close ups are making me pick myself apart....sorry! Enough of that!
Don't you ever wish you could just get a top to bottom makeover and someone else could tell you what to wear and how to cut your hair and wear your makeup....So Fun! That is my dream!

Anyway, the eyelash extensions last about 3-4 weeks and then I can get them done again if I want.  After you first get them in you just can't get them wet for 48 hours, so carefully washing your face and maybe not washing your hair.  It's been almost a week and I still love them!

In other "me time" news :)  
Lately I love my new routine of waking up with my husband at 5 am.  He gets ready for work and I make his lunch, I then do my morning workout.  Lately it's either a video like Pink Method or one of these at home workouts on my growing list.  It's fun to mix it up. I then get ready, get the kids going, make breakfast, kids to school, clean up, daily chores, get my lesson plans ready for Music Class, any errands, taking care of my kids at home, whatever else is going on that day, get kids from school, teach a piano lesson, Music class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Dinner, My hubby and I do Cross Fit Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Young Women's on Wednesdays. I try to fit a paparazzi party in on weekends when I have one scheduled.  
I love the time after I get the kids to bed.  The hubby and I get to lay in bed and we either read (I finally started Hunger Games book), or watch a little TV (the shows we have recorded on the DVR) I'm so obsessed with shows like The Doctors, (the New) "Revolution", Biggest Loser, Scouted.  I love Health (if you haven't guessed that already) and transformation shows.  I don't watch TV during the day unless I'm folding laundry...haha (makes it funner), so it's fun to unwind at the end of the day and watch what we want to watch (or what I want to watch..(wink wink) or read books together.  Of course I fit blogging in there somewhere too.  I love blogging if only I could get caught up on our family blog :( ........
The Next day we repeat the cycle again! 

Take a little time for yourself.  Do what you want to do.  Have some "Me time." Even if it has to be Early morning or late at night! :) You deserve it!!


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