Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Moment of Truth....

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I last took my measurements and weight 2 weeks ago.  I will not get on a scale or measure again until the 2 week mark.  So, we'll see if there is any difference again next time.  I was hoping to go down in weight this time, but NO! It's kinda disappointing that the scale is not budging between 139 & 140.  It sorta ticks me off!! But, I know I shouldn't focus so much on a number, I know I'm building muscle and as long as my inches keep changing I will be happy!  But, still it is frustrating. I know I still need to drink more water.  I have not had less than 7 workouts in a week, sometimes I get 8, but I will not go below 7.  I am doing okay with my eating.  I can do better this week.  So, here you have it....
The Measurements.

I did a few more measurements this time, I'll do this from now on to get a better idea of what's happening.
Weight- 140 (what's the deal?? But inches are a little smaller, so I can't complain)
Waist around belly button-31 3/4
Natural high waist- 29 1/4
Hips (right at top of hip bones) 34 3/4
Hips (right below hip bones) 37 1/4
Chest- 33 3/4 :( this is soooo sad.
R. relaxed arm (right in between elbow and shoulder)- 11 3/4
L. relaxed arm- 11 1/2
R. thigh (right in between knee and and hip)- 20
L. thigh- 20 3/4
R. calf (right between ankle and knee)- 14 1/4
L. calf- 14 1/2

Last time 1/13/12
Weight- 139
Waist around belly button- 32
Natural Waist- 29 1/2
Hips (around hip bone area)- 36 3/4
Chest- 34
Right Relaxed arm (bicep)- 12
Left arm (bicep)- 11 3/4
Right Thigh- 21 1/4
Left Thigh- 21 3/4

I can't always go by weight or inches but in how I feel.... and I feel great! I love having exercise as a complete habit and high again.  I will be doing a 10K on March 17th, so I'm working to hopefully beat my last 10K time.  That is the goal.  That would feel awesome!
I track all my workouts on  It would be fun to have some friends on there.  I think it's another great place to have support and keep each other going.  I have no friends so far :( So, if you'd like to start keeping track of your workouts, see how you've improved and have friends keep you going check it out! Become my friend. You can track any type of workout not just running. I hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!

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