Saturday, July 5, 2014

17 Ways to Look Smokin" Hot this Summer! :)

Do you remember what you did last summer to improve your body, slim down and tone up? How did that work out? Did the results (if any) stick around or did they fade away along with the summer tan? Well here is a list of 17 things you can do RIGHT NOW to look SMOKIN’ HOT THIS SUMMER to transform your body and your life.
1) Exercise 2 more hours each week than you did last summer. 2) Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. 3) Don’t drink alcohol. 4) Sign up for my 6 Week Summer Slim down program. 5) Stop drinking and eating artificial sweeteners. 6) Use heavier dumbbells. 7) Eat less bread, or even eliminate gluten from your diet. 8) Train for a 5K, 10K, marathon or mud run. 9) Eliminate high fructose corn syrup from your diet. 10) Exercise at least 3-4 times each week. 11) Eat healthy, simple dinners at home. 12) Do not eat fast food. 13) Consume less of those calorie packed coffee drinks. 14) Eat more protein and fiber. 15) Drink water throughout your whole day. 16) Do not eat packaged snack foods. 17) Contact me for motivation and support.
(even if you only do HALF of these, your body will be lighter, healthy and significantly more tight and toned – guaranteed!) Now come up with a few of your own. I know there are some ideas that popped into your mind while you were reading my list. Take a minute to jot those down. Step back and re-examine the list. Which of these changes are you going to make your own? I certainly don't expect you to make all of these changes - though the more you do, the greater your transformation will be… or you can just message me and I can tell you more about my perfect summer fitness program that will have you lean, tone, and tight in no time…
…best of all it’ll fit your budget because I’ve priced it right. The value is over $300 and it's just $99 for full 6 weeks of workouts AND meal plans!! (If you don't want the workouts just get the meal plans for $50.) I’ve put a lot of work into it. I’ve had a lot of people interested but if you'd like to to sign up do it soon so I can know how many I’m planning on and can finish up the details. Sign up right at the link below on my page. Get a friend to do it with you for more fun and accountability! It’s going to be great Can't Wait!

Remember, like I mentioned above in #4 and #17, I'm here to offer you the instruction, support and motivation that you need to make the rest of the Summer the best one you have ever had. Let me know how else I can help.
Wishing you great health and happiness this summer, -Angela

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