Monday, July 28, 2014

Choose Success NOT Failure!!

It always helps me when I talk to the Doctor. Just had a consult with him and he said I won't necessarily feel a ton different when I take the supplements. They are helping, but the most important thing is the foods I eat right now and stabilizing my blood sugar. I totally cheated last night, I had a handful of yogurt covered raisins! What?! Because I didn't plan well yesterday and I was starving at night so that is what I grabbed. I didn't even cheat on my Birthday during the week and I decided to have that last night....? Well, that caused me to have this headache that won't go away and dizziness, blurry vision, hard to breath and fatigue. Stupid little YUMMY yogurt raisins!!
Stage 7 Adrenal Fatigue is no joke! It could take years to heal this and that is when I get very impatient!! But, it's not only the adrenals its the leaky gut as well. It all works in combination with each other. The food intolerances I have that causes chronic inflammation in my body also taxes the adrenals and having hypoglycemia for 20+ years and only controlling it well the last couple years has done a lot of damage on my adrenals. Years and years of damage can't be fixed that quick! But, I will continue to be consistent and I will continue to have faith, I will NOT have anything else I shouldn't anymore because it only sets my healing time back, even just a handful of something that shouldn't be that bad!
I have felt prayers and blessings tremendously and also Thank you so much always for your super nice thoughts and messages. I know everybody has tough trials, many A LOT worse than mine... but I am being open with mine to hopefully encourage somebody else to continue to try! Take care of your body and use it for what it can do...stinkin' get out there and exercise for me because I can't that much and it makes me mad! 
No matter how long it takes...."Why choose failure when Success is an option!!"

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