Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 Important Pieces of Advice for Health and Fitness

If I could give you 3 small pieces of advice it would be this:

1. Consistency is Huge! Consistent food and effort in exercise are where you will see long term results that you are happy with. You can apply that to all areas of your life not just fitness! Changes are achieved by CONSISTENT effort, day in and day out.

2. Just because you don't see the results you want doesn't mean you aren't progressing. You may have to take detours in your fitness journey that may delay what you consider results. This doesn't mean that you are not progressing. Even though I can't exercise much right now because of my situation doesn't mean that I will lose all that I have worked for. Healthy Eating is the biggest part!! Healthy Eating by itself will change your body! Through healthy eating I am maintaining as much tone as possible without lifting heavy weights and intense exercise.

3. Its easy to get discouraged when life gets crazy and things get off track. When this happens the only option is to get back on track and move forward, the longer you wait the harder it is. Let go of your mistakes and get right back to it. Falling of track DOES NOT mean you have failed! Having a successful Journey does not mean being perfect. There is no perfection in ones journey! Its okay to make mistakes but its not okay to let setbacks discourage you to the point of quitting. Just keep moving forward! If you do that....YOU Win!

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