Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fit Mama HIIT- Thursday 7.17.14

3 Rounds
12 Dips (using chair or bench)

Stay accountable
Record your time in the comments below
Recording is important, when we rotate back to this again a few months down the road you can see your progress. Also, the more that I know are participating and commenting then I will continue to do this.

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Besides the last year I have always worked out from home.  I challenged myself, I did it consistently. I felt great and improved on my goals.  I never really worked out at a gym and was always trying to find ways I could stay fit at home doing things I enjoyed.  Last year I started doing CrossFit at an amazing gym in town.  I loved it as I was already doing CrossFit style workouts on my own. You will get an amazing community and competitive aspect by going to a gym.  Some people only stay committed if they physically have to "GO" somewhere to workout.  I'm pretty self motivated and love exercise so doing at home is an option I can do just fine when I need to. 

I miss my Gym and CrossFit friends. But, as of right now I can't do much exercise because of my Adrenal Glands/leaky gut health issues. I am a Personal Trainer and I know exactly what to do for myself. So, trying to find things I can do on my own level at home that doesn't take me very long has become my priority again for now.  I can't wait until I can make it back to the gym after I have fully recovered.  Right now I can't go as intense or as heavy. So, I can do it at my own pace and lower weight for each Daily HIIT at home. But, you can take it at what ever level and weight you are comfortable at. Don't be afraid to push yourself in a safe manner.  
Unable to go to the Gym? If you are unable to physically go to a Gym near you and only have the option to workout at home, or if you already have a gym membership to work out on your own and don't always know what to do when you get there then My Daily Workouts will be a great options for you! 
Already belong to a CrossFit box? If you already do CrossFit at a box but need something that you can do on days you can't go or while on vacation then this will be great for you as well!

I wanted to give other Mom's options of something they can do at home too with very little equipment.  There may be days where you may benefit having a little bit more equimpment like pull up bar, stability ball, resistance bands, step or box and jump rope. You will most definitly need a set of Dumbbells.  At least 10 lbs and 20 lbs would be ideal. We will be doing full body movement with them so a little heavier is better. So, if you are serious about trying to stick to the Fit Mama's Daily HIIT then you may want to grab some of those things little by little. If you don't have anything right now you can still do the workout!! Be creative and use what you have around your house or still do the movements without any weight right now until you can get your hands on some. 

What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training. These types of workouts are extremely time efficient which is great for busy moms.  The workout can range anywhere from 4 minutes to 30. Just give it your all, push yourself comfortably and you will get results no matter how long or short it is.  Just because a workout is short does not mean you are not getting a great workout! HIIT will help you burn more calories faster.  Excess Oxygen Consumption helps increase your metabolism and also keeps you burning calories even hours after working out. Fit Mama HIIT's are great for toning and burning fat and getting you results! But, if you need a little more you can always do the HIIT AFTER a normal strength training session to give you a more cardio aspect that day or you can do some lower intense steady state cardio (jogging, walking, swimming, biking) AFTER the HIIT of the day.
Do the amount of rounds or time that is listed. A HIIT is always for time. Record your time, weight used and how you are feeling in the comments. Rest periods may sometimes be strategically placed in Some HIIT's of the day. So take the Rests if listed.

How many times a week should I do the HIIT? HIIT's will only be listed here Monday-Friday. You can do it everyday or at least do it 3 times a week.  If you decide to only do 3 times a week, on your off days doing some steady state cardio would be beneficial for fat loss rather than doing nothing. But, also don't be afraid to take at least 2 days of rest during the week. Rest days are also beneficial.   

Nutrition is Key! If you are putting in hard work doing the HIIT's I would not ignore your Nutrition. Try to eat as much Whole food as possible. Not only are you going to feel better during workouts you will start to see results faster when Nutrition and Fitness are working together!!

Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

I feel a Challenge coming on! ;)

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