Thursday, July 24, 2014

7 Simple Steps to Fat Loss

I have allowed the same thing to happen to me repeatedly for the past year. Time to start doing things differently.

You actually don't have to have a diet full of misery and do hours and hours of grueling workouts in the gym! Have you tried every Insane Diet in the book. How did that work for you?? Did it lead you to long term success?

You can still achieve fat loss and all your fitness goals! Fat Loss can be simple. Stop entering the crazy crash diet zone and just start making these 7 simple steps to fat loss.

1. Stop focusing on fat loss
when you are in the gym your main concern should not be about how many calories you are burning. Focus on performance, doing a little better than you did last time. Focus on what YOUR body can do and try a to gradually get stronger. Fat loss will become a side effect!

2. Get off the scale and track what really matters!
Don't rely on the numbers on the scale to show your success. Pay attention to the actions that will get you closer to your goals.
-Performing atleast 3 strength training workouts per week
-going for a 15-30 minutes walk or jog on non-workout days
-Eating whole foods that are filling and delicious
-savoring your food instead of shoveling it in!!
If you focus on your actions and keep track of your progress that way, you'll know if you are moving in the right direction.

3. When fat loss is the goal be aware that you are eating enough Protein.
Eating protein at every snack or meal has been proven to increase Satiety AND aide in fat loss while preserving muscle mass.
Aim for 0.6-0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you are obese eat that much protein per pound of your target body weight. If you find it hard to get in enough protein. Bio-Trust Low Carb is a protein that I trust. Made from Whey and Casein protein from non-treated and hormone free cows. It has many other benefits! Read about it HERE.
Shakeology is also really good if you need to make sure you are getting more nutrients in your diet too with a convenient meal replacement! (Just remember you can't out supplement a bad diet! Supplements can be beneficial to "supplement" a healthier diet).

4. Find a workout routine that you enjoy! A good program for fat loss is Peforming at least 3 strength training based workouts per week. You can also incorporate brisk walking or jogging, or HIIT sprints on your off days. (Find workouts here everyday on the Blog that combine Strength movements and HIIT for your cardio aspect. Do it everyday or at least 3 times a week with a nice walk or jog on your off days)

5. Enjoy the journey! Make the most of it. Have fun, enjoy your workouts and get excited about your strength gains. Eat delicious satisfying meals and enjoy them! Don't obsess about losing fat.
Be proud of what you are doing and Love your body right now! You can love your body and what it can do for you at any stage of your journey! Choose to be happy now!

6. Focus on what truly matters! Every little detail of health and fitness can become very overwhelming and it will most likely lead to stress and frustration. Focus on the few things that will provide the bigger results. Don't expect to be perfect. Keep it simple and stick to the basics.

7. Be Consistent!! Begin to apply these steps and you will get results! Put an end to trying grueling and un-sustainable plans. Just start making better choices for YOU! Take this approach that can be sustainable for life and have life-long success!

"we become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." richard g. scott

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