Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday: Got Water? & LINK UP

Happy Fitness Friday!
Did you know Water makes up approximately 70% of your total body weight? It is an essential nutrient because its absence has a detrimental effect on health & survival.  Many body functions cannot occur without water. The body will not metabolize fat stores efficiently without adequate water supply. With proper hydration, endocrine gland functions improve, fluid retention is alleviated, kidney and liver function improves, and cellular toxins are more easily eliminated.
Plain cool water is usually sufficient for hydration purposes druing heat stress or daily activities.  For exercise sessions longer than 90 minutes, or physical activities conducted in hot environments, sport beverages are recommeneded to replenish electroloytes and supply quick energy.

Water is my most favorite drink...really! I don't add anything to sweeten it up (it's okay if you need to though, however you can get your water), plain water is the only thing the really quenches my thirst. 
Make sure you are getting enough water each day.  You need at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water each day.  So say I weigh 138.  138/2 = 69.  So I need 69 oz of water each day.  Something that helps me is I figure out how many refills of my refillable container I'll need each day. If I need to drink 4 of those per day, I make a mark on the calendar each time I drink 1 and at the end of the day I better have 4 :) Even though it's the only main thing I drink, sometimes it's very hard for me to get it all in.  But, water also helps in making you feel more full.  Sometimes if you feel hungry, it's usually because you are just thirsty.  So drink up!! Get in the water! What helps you get enough water each day? Leave us some comments for any tips that you have. 

Now let's get to the "Link up Party"
1. Follow me  Leave a comment & I will follow you back! 
2. Include the "Fitness Fridays" button in your post & link up to the exact post not your home page url.
3. Create a blog post. If you want help in staying accountable, Blog about your goals, your progress each week, what you struggle with, etc. This will give me and others the opportunity to help with comments and encouragement to reach your Health & Fitness goals. 
If you are a Health & Fitness blogger you can create a post just for Fitness Fridays or anything else that you'd like to share. If you have a great tip, healthy snack or recipe or something that you've found please link up.
4. Please visit other links to comment & encourage others
5. come back every week for our link up party

 Thanks!! This can be fun and so motivating and helpful to others. 
Now let's get this Party Started!! Have a great weekend!

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