Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My {when i getter better} To-Do List & Pinterest shout out :)

Still being laid up with just having my Tonsils out & I have been sitting here thinking of all the things I want & need to do when I'm feeling better.  Summer is almost over and it has put me in somewhat of a panic mode. There are still so many projects that are not completed that I had high hopes for completing this summer.

This is what I've been thinking about lately, what I need to do when I'm over this Tonsillectomy thing 
{it's taking FOR..EV..ER}

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*My oldest Daughters 8th Birthday & Baptism in less than 2 WEEKS- ideas for party & family get together, awesome gift for her, getting pictures for her announcement (need to be sent ASAP, etc... not much time, yikes!)
*Having more Summer Fun with the kids, games, swimming, crafty fun with them, etc.
*School Shopping
*Date Night with the Hubby
*Craft, Craft, Craft, I wanna craft!!
*Fill up my very Bare Etsy Store (it's looking sad, so many ideas, so little time)
*Let's Play Music preparation/Lesson Plans for the new year, new sign-ups, materials ordered, etc.
*Get back to my Workout Routine
*I had high hopes of getting caught up with my kids' scrapbooks (digital is definitely the way to go in my opinion, but will I ever be caught up?)
*Make my Family blog into a book (or 3 or 4 now since I have been putting it off for years...LOL )
*Get back to my House Cleaning Organization Schedule
*Have a Garage Sale
*Get good at Couponing
*Get back to my Church Jobs (Young Women) & new projects in the works the RS wanted me to be in charge of (fitness related, so excited)
*New Challenge Ideas for Fit Mama Wannabe  What people need to get them motivated??? 

That's whats on my mind, and it's killing me just to feel yucky and lay here, but that's what I should do. Being on pain medication it's hard to do much of anything else. :) So I lay here, and I think of all the stuff I could or should be doing and it's leaving me frustrated and overwhelmed.  But, that's how it goes sometimes, my to-do list is always never ending & gets bigger and bigger.  That's how it is as a mom though right and I seem to add more and more stuff to my plate, so I must like it...haha.  When I'm in a Crunch is sometimes how I work the best. *telling myself* I can do this, I. can. do. this....Just call me Super Mommy....LOL

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I gotta mention Pinterest, you may have heard a lot about it lately. It's totally been keeping me entertained a little bit while I've been laid up.  It just adds more projects to the list though....haha.  But, it's so fun & I feel so much better with being able to organize all ideas that I find.  I'm loving it.  You can check out my Pinterest boards  & follow.  I'd love to follow you back.  If you need an invite to Pinterest, leave your email address. I promise you'll love it!!

A few ideas I found from pinterest that I'll be doing soon.

Glitter toe fun with my girls, they will love this:

Jewelry holder made from cutlery organizer, old door knobs, and scrapbook paper, so cool!

So easy & cute!! 

I gotta try this Cafe Rio Salad YUM!

All these ideas were easily found on Pinterest!! 

If you have any helps & ideas for me to use for anything on my To-Do list above PLEASE let me know!! I'm not going anywhere but maybe to the other end of the couch :(
Have a Great Hump Day!

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