Thursday, July 7, 2011

House Cleaning Organization

One of my goals is to be a little more organized and better at House Cleaning! Not my favorite job as a Wife/Mother.  But, it's one of the most important besides taking care of the kids. When it's done I feel so much better and the whole house seems happier. So, I have organized my house cleaning and hopefully I can be better at sticking to it.  The Fly Lady says when you do it like this and take baby steps to get better and better it will soon almost feel like the House cleans itself :)
Can't wait until I get there! haha
So, this is how I'm doing it. kinda like the FLY Lady with a different Zone each week (if you haven't heard of her, check her site out. There is a lot of info there, kinda overwhelming at first, but a great start!) I personalized my Zones a little more, each week of the month is a different Zone to focus on, but each day starts with my daily routine, daily chores, "Zone work" for that week, and then ends with my night routine.
 I have my "Daily Morning Routine" & "Daily Evening Routine" on the 1st section you see on the magnet board. The 2nd section you see there I have seperated what really needs to get done on each day of the week. The 3rd section is where I put what ZONE it is that week. (see the specifics below) I will try and figure out how I can make you a document like this to be able to personalize and print if there is enough interest.  Any tips on how I can do that is much appreciated. :)
I laminated each Section and put a magnet on the back to easily organize on a magnet board or the fridge for quick reference.  Of course the kids have their daily chores too. My goal is to stick to this & hopefully the house will clean it self..haha, or at least it will feel like it's not as hard and always guest ready.. ~My dream~. How do you clean your house, do you have a plan of action, organized chores, etc. ??? I'd love to hear anything that you have found that works for you.

Here is an the example of my laminated sections.

(1st section)
Daily Morning Routine
Make Bed
Get Dressed
Brush Teeth
Wipe down Bathroom (counter, mirrors, shower, etc.)
Swish Toilet/clean on & around
Laundry Load
Unload Dishwasher
Kids Ready
Reboot Lundry/Fold
Daily Do's/Calendar/Email

Daily Evening Routine
Workout (unless already did that morning, or do it again :)
Shine sink/wipe countertops
Start dishwasher
Lunches for tomorrow
Dinner for tomorrow (thaw?)
Kids Bath/Shower
Kids "Alligator" Clean up (the kids have to do a quick cleanup of the main living rooms, if any of their toys or stuff is laying around not in it's place the "Alligator" will eat it and they have to pay marbles or something to get it back at the end of the week.
Wash Face
Bed by 10 pm

(2nd section)
Sweep/Mop Kitchen
Work/Blog/Lesson Prep 
Empty all trash cans
Zone work
Lesson prep/work prep

Zone Work
Anit Procrastination

Menu Plan
Checkbook Balance/Track Expenses
Old Mail clutter
Zone Work

Vaccume Stairs & Down Stairs
Errands/Pay Bills
Clean out car
Finish Zone/Any other cleaning

Zone 1- Entrance, Porch, Dining/Office
Sweep/mop entrance tile
Cobwebs outside
Sweep porch
Weeds/Dead plants/water flowers
Repot (Spring/Fall)
Prune Rose Bushes
Wash down outside
Dust stair banister
Straighten Coat Rack
Welcoming touches

Clean ceiling cobwebs
Dust window sills
Dust furniture
straighten desk & files
clean windows
clean walls
bottom of chairs
any finishing touches

Zone 2- Kitchen
Empty fridge/Clean out
Clean Microwave inside & out
Clean Stove/Oven
Wash canisters & knick knacks
Straighten drawers/cupboards (1 at a time)
Wash walls, switch plates
wash inside window
wash blinds
scrub down cabinet fronts (few at a time)
Clean under sink
Wash down bar stolls
Declutter countertop
Clean other appliances
Super scrub contertops & sink
Wash out garbage can
Top of Fridge & cabinets
Any Dust/Cobwebs/Lights

Zone 3- Bathrooms & Laundry Room
Wash area rugs
Sweep/Mop floor
Straightern drawers
Wash doors/walls/switch plates
Clean Shower stall/tub
Throw away emplty bottles
Wipe own cabinet fronts
Sanitize Bath toys
Check supplies

Laundry Room
Wipe top of washer & dryer
Counter tops/Cabinets
Check supplies
Throw away old boxes/containers
Gunk from under washer lide
Dryer lint
Wash pets dishes, etc.

Zone 4- Master Bedroom/Closet
Extra room/Kids Room
Dust Furniture
Clean sheets/Bedding
Vaccume Mattress
Flip mattress
Straighten drawers/clothes
Clean under Bed
Get rid of old clothes
Go through kids clothes/storage
Wipe down walls/Baseboards
Wipe down doors
Wash Windows
Wash Curtains/Blinds

Zone 5- Living Room/Family Room
Vaccume & under furniture
Straighten Book cases/movies
Straighten shelves/organize
Wipe walls/baseboards
Wipe down phone
Under cuchions/under couch
Clean out baskets/end tables
Wash Windows
Window Sills
Shampoo Carpet
Shampoo Couch

I know this is a lot of info :) These are my Zones, etc.  When there are not 5 weeks in a month I will combine the 5th and 1st zone (the 1st is a little less intense and wouldn't take too long) let me know if you have questions.  I'm hoping to stick with this real good. I'll stay accountable to you guys and update you on how it's going :)
Happy Cleaning!!

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