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Fitness Friday: I feel a CHALLENGE comin' on!! {& link up!}

Welcome to Fitness Friday!!
{a BIG welcome to any new are awesome!}

Read on for exciting Challenge info!! 

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, everyday life, exercise, etc, etc. It's HARD after a tonsillectomy or any surgery I'm sure! I need energy!  I know that myself and others {from what I've been hearing a lot on my Facebook Group} need a pick me up Big Time.  We held a successful challenge at the beginning of the Summer and it was so much fun and helped a lot.  So, I think it's time for another challenge, this one will be Bigger & Better!  Are you excited?? Keep reading..... 

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This will be the Most Miles Fitness Challenge.  It will be from August 15th - October 24th, 10 weeks to shoot for 100 miles of exercise. That's 10 miles of fitness per week. We aren't just talking Running/Walking miles. 15 minutes of any other exercise will count as 1 mile. Workouts including weightlifting, spinning, aerobics, workout video, etc. "Workouts" intended for exercise will be counted.  Think about it- 30 minutes of exercise a day for 5 days can equal "10 miles," if you are running it can take even less time. 100 miles is a goal to shoot for, but of course you may do more if you'd really like!  The one with the Most Miles at the end of the challenge Wins the Pot!! Yes, I said POT- We are playing for cash people!  Why? Because that is one way to keep people going, that may be one way to keep you motivated by keeping your eye on the prize.  But, that is not the only prize, the main prize is that you will create a habit of fitness, you will be healthier & you will feel so much better too! That is the main goal of this challenge.  A little cash prize doesn't hurt either, right?? 

The Deal
Each participant pays into the challenge for $10.  The more participants the bigger the pot, the better the prize. So get your spouses involved, other family members, friends,'s always funner when you do it together! The Winner is the challenger with the most tallied miles at the end of this.  They will get 95% of the pot.  So if 40 participants join-the pot would be at $380. If there happens to be a tie, they would split the winnings. Let's get the most challengers as possible. Why just 95% for the winner? The rest would cover any Paypal fees and if there is some left over we will also have a runner up prize!

Other Prizes/ Sponsors
Their will be other random drawings for prizes throughout the challenge for all challengers that are actively participating & reporting your fitness miles.  I am looking for Sponsors/Donations of prizes.  The more donations, the more giveaways we can have. Please contact me at or if you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway for this challenge. I will have a sponsor section on my blog and your button or link will be there for the duration of the challenge.

How do I report my miles? 

I will create a Google Doc & email you the link to easily report your miles and that way you can see how everybody else is measuring up as well. You can also report to me by email if you'd like. You are also welcome to blog about how you are doing and link up every "Fitness Friday" on my blog for more support and encouragement.  The Facebook page will also be a great support and place to chat. Once you have "paid in" that will give me your email address and I will send a welcome message as it gets closer to the challenge. {If you pay in & your Paypal email address is not the correct email please let me know your correct email for the challenge} I may also send weekly emails with "bonus miles" options and other info pertaining to the challenge. 

Any other Questions?
Please email me at (make sure this email address is added to your address book so it doesn't go to junk mail) :)

We want only Honest participants who want to get Fit, Help Others and Be a Healthier, Better version of themselves!!  So, what are you waiting for?? Sign up with the Paypal button on the right!! Make sure you become a follower to stay connected via Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs & Fit Mama Wannabe Facebook Group (you don't have to be a Mama *wink*)
Yay!! Are you as excited as I am??

Happy Friday! Now go spread the word :)

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